Links! (or: thank god I finally finished ranting about my vacation)

51 things that can be done to stop global warming. Some of these are mostly out of your hands, like building a skyscraper (unless I am grossly misinformed about my readership), but there are other things like using a clothes line, paying your bills online, buying local produce, and turning off your computers that all of us can do. The little things help! Do it for Al!

Whenever mass populations of seemingly inconsequential creatures start dying off inexplicably, it always makes me a little nervous. I’m going to get pissed if my honey bears start costing even more, I can tell you that much!

A 16 year-old girl gets thrown off a plane for coughing too much. Uhhh…overreact much?

I don’t know what I find more unsettling: The fact that Napolean Dynomite is reproducing, or the fact that he is actually 29 years old.

Yes! Please God, yes!


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