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I can’t find my accursed camera charger anywhere, so I wasn’t able to take many pictures of the snow in the daylight. However, here are some from that evening. Keep in mind that most of these were taken around 7:30, and the snow kept falling for hours after that, so there actually was a good deal more than this.

Also, I was introduced to snow shoveling this weekend, and I am all kinds of sore. I didn’t even know these muscles existed.

I think this looks like my car has a Pompadour:

This is when I jumped off the back of Pete’s truck into the snow:

And this one kinda creeps me out because I look like I’m dead. And I didn’t realize my hair was this long.

Here I am standing in one of the snow plow berms:

And here I am falling out of one of the snow plow berms. (The walking. It is hard.)

(Pete thinks I look like I’m running away from a yeti in this picture.)

Ok, Damnit. Have we had enough fun yet?

Doesn’t he look so appropriate in the snow? Like a Russian peasant?

I’m CRAZY SNOWFLAKE EYE! (Hey there good skin. How did I get you all of the sudden? No wait! Don’t run away and leave me here like this without your secrets!)

And a few AM shots. So bright!

And remember, I had entirely cleaned my car off the night before.


Thumb update

I’ve had a lot of google referrals that have something to do with “severed thumb tendon recovery” or something like that, so I thought I’d give an update.

(Can this count as my do-gooder thing of the season?)

I’ve had my cast off for about three weeks now, and I have full movement back in my lower-thumb knuckle, but still very limited movement with my upper knuckle.  I can’t bend that one at all unless I stabilize the base of my thumb, and then I can only bend it a fraction.  Maybe about 80 degrees.  The doctor gave me a little exercise to do 100 times a day, and it is slowly getting better and better.  I can still feel a tremendous amount of pressure and pulling on the suture when I do bend it, even the slightest amount, but he said that was to be expected.

One of the reasons that I am having a hard time, he said, was because I have a very large amount of scar tissue left over from the initial cut which is putting pressure on my tendon.  He told me to massage the area some ever day, and that should help loosen everything up.  He said that it would probably take about 9 months until I was fully recovered, though he did say that I probably never would have full movement.

Aside from not being able to really bend it, I do have almost full use of my thumb back.  I can put pressure on the tip and hold things and support weight, so at this point, I don’t really feel like there is much wrong.  I’ve really gotten used to not having the option to bend it.  The only thing I Have trouble with is holding on to round things, like cans and bottles, with my left hand, but that isn’t a disaster (because I drink my wine out of the box!) (That’s a lie.  I totally don’t.). I’m seeing him again on Monday, unless we get iced in which is probably going to happen, so we’ll see then if I’ll need to do any physical therapy.

And if anyone stumbles across this post when searching for severed thumb tendon information, feel free to ask me any questions.

Four to Eight inches??? Bastards…

Liars, the lot of them.  It is currently 11:21 and it has been snowing CONTINUOUSLY since 12:00.  Almost twelve hours of snow.  When Pete and I were out playing at 8:30, there was already almost a foot.  We’ve got to be at 13 to 14 inches already.  It should have stopped by now, but we are getting “coastal-effect” snow.

Well, it’s freaking beautiful and fun and amazing and as long as I don’t have to drive around in it, I still LOVE snow.  We took pictures, and I’ll take some more tomorrow when it is light outside.  This is the most snow I’ve ever seen in my life.  It’s amazing.

My day so far

11:58 – Leave for post office to send sister’s birthday present

11:59 – SNOWING!

12:05 – SNOWING VERY VERY HARD!  Already accumulating!

12:10 – Have they salted the roads?  Everything is sticking an awful lot.

12:15 – Arrive at post office

12:19 – Leave post office.  Holy Shit!  It is snowing really hard.

12:22 – Pull up at traffic light.  Only going 15 miles an hour.  Apply brakes.  Brakes do nothing.  *skid skid skid SKID SKID SKID*  SHIT SHIT SHIT!  *CRASH!!!*

12:23 – Very lovely old lady is super nice.  There is no damage, so we go our seperate ways.  I am shaking.  A lot.

12:25 – Continue SLOWLY on my horrified, shaking merry way.

12:30 – No longer able to see the boundaries of the road.  Drive slower.

12:40 – Big truck turns into the road going the opposite direction.  Skids INTO MY LANE.  I apply brakes (slowly!) and start to skid.  Car behind me starts to skid.  TURN INTO SKID!  TURN INTO SKID!  Manage to re-gain a modicum of control to keep me from smashing into telephone pole.  Somehow all three cars avoid hitting each other.  Is a miracle.

12:58 – Finally manage to get home.  Relatively unharmed but suddenly HATING snow and terrified of the outside world.

1:01 – Officially become shut-in.  Write this post.


From the weather forecast:

A chance of snow this morning…then snow this afternoon. Snow accumulation of 4 to 8 inches. Much cooler with highs in the upper 20s. North winds around 5 mph…becoming east this afternoon. Chance of snow near 100 percent.

Y’all, that’s a lot of snow.

The promised pictures!

Hot Damn! I finally figured out how to work the pictures again! This should allow me to blog much more often.

That said, here are a few more pictures that I took this evening of the snow. But make sure you watch the video, too!

My poor, frightened car:

And a few of the lake, which looks so cool. Doesn’t it, though? Like something out of Narnia?:

Snow proof!

Because of my mother’s most recent e-mail which basically said “WHERE BLOG?? NEED BLOG!!” and a request from my friend Tim for snow pictures, here’s a little something for you all.

Not pictures, exactly, but you do get to hear my voice (which sounds SO WEIRD! I promise I don’t actually sound like this! And maybe I have a southern accent after all!)

Anyway, I took this video this afternoon when I noticed the snow was falling really hard all of a sudden. That was around 4 and it snowed continuously until almost 6:30. There is a really nice blanket on everything. Tomorrow, I’ll try and go out in the AM to take some nice daylight pictures so you can really see everything. Until then:

First Snow! from Taylor on Vimeo.