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Well, it’s official: I’m acclimated to New England. On Sunday morning, when Pete got up to go to church, he looked out the window and said “it’s snowing!” I opened one eye and said “is it sticking?” He said that it was, but not much. I asked him to open the blinds so Sophie could look at it (mesmerized!) and I barely glanced outside to see that it was falling pretty hard.

It was three hours later that I actually opened a curtain so I could really look at it, and my response to myself and Sophie was: “Damnation.”

Do you remember my rection to the first snow last year? 

Let’s just say I was a little excitedCrazily excited.

Now I’m a jaded New Englander who is not impressed by snow.  Not at all.

In happy news:  It’s going to be 60 degrees tomorrow!! Now THAT is something to get out of bed about!