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Do as I say!

I was just perusing my search engine referrals (which have been sadly lacking of late!  I’m usually most entertained by the convoluded and strange things that people search for on the internet, but no crazies have been by lately.  Sad!) and one of them was phrased thusly:

“Internet, find me a funny picture!”

Don’t you love that?  Like, “You there!  Fight that man to the death!  And bring me a jug of mead forthwith whilst I fondle the ample bosom of this lowly serving wench!”  I’m thinking this must be someone who’s a bit new to the world of the interwebz.

Y’all.  Do you think that might have been John McCain!?



My veggie babies

King of the North sweet peppers

Yellow Onions

The first "Early Girls"

Prolific "Sungolds"

These "Sungolds" were green when I left for work yesterday morning

Squash baby

 I swear I took a picture of my baby green beans, but somehow it didn’t make it onto my computer…odd.  They are still very tiny- 3 or 4 inches long max.  I’m hoping I grew enough for a few harvests at least. 

And some flowers thrown in for good measure. 

Grab bag Glad

Holyhock flower

Last of the Foxgloves

Unexpected Glad

And Keeping it all wet:

I got the directions on how to make this rain barrel from Mir at Woulda Shoulda Coulda. (Scroll down a bit into the comments for the step-by-step directions).  It’s working incredibly well so far, and I’m really pleased that we finally put one up.  It really bothers me to turn on the hose since I feel like I am wasting so much water.  This little thing is keeping my green beans very happy.

Product of rain dancing

Pete has been going out to the farm a few times a week (goddamn him and his summer vacations) and helping to do all manner of chores.  Last week he spent about 7 hours trellising and trimming tomato plants (aside:  their tomatoes are unbelievable.  They are sagging under the weight of hundreds of giant tomatoes.  It’s unreal and makes my piddly little tomatoes look especially sad.) and as he was going he kept finding green tomatoes that had dropped off the plants.  He didn’t feel like he could throw them into the compost, so the owners told him that he could bring them home if he wanted.  He promptly tossed them up in the window to ripen, but considering we are only a few weeks away from a vine-ripened tomato glut and these will taste like carboard comparatively, I’m going to slice them up and fry them while they are still green.   The again, I think these are so charming and pretty lined up on the window that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Pete's Reward

excuses, excuses, excuses

What I’ve been doing: 

1.  Rain dances (And they are working! Hot damn!) to fill my recently built RAIN BARREL!  Hurrah!

2.  Pulling my first onions.  Still babies, but delicious, delicious babies.

3.  Putting in ANOTHER raised bed, because my life won’t be complete until I plant garlic.

4.  Hayride at the farm!

5.  Planting a raspberry bush.

6.  Bonding with an adorable goat and a mildly retarded* sheep named Dobby- whom he looks EXACTLY like. 

7.  Harvesting beans at the farm.  And then more beans.

8.  Eating my first ripe tomato off the vine at the farm.  It was like a beautiful orange jewel.  And I didn’t like it. (Goddamnit.)

9.  Desperately and frantically searching for my camera charger so I could take a damn picture of some of this stuff so I actually had something to post on my rapidily declining and yawn-inducing blog.

10.  Bolting out of bed last night at 11:30 when I had a flash of recall and realized where I had hidden it from myself.  My camera is currently charging, so expect pictures sometime this week.  (No really, this time I promise).

*Aren’t they all?

For those of y’all who know me in real life…

I have a wonderful, happy, exciting announcement!  This really only applies to those of y’all who went to high school and/or college with me, so feel free to ignore otherwise.

Y’all know Leslie, right?  Leslie of the cute hair and the funny quotes and the so pretty she should be mean and vicious but is actually the nicest, kindest, most thoughtful charming person ever?  Well, Leslie is having a baby!  In December!  A boy!  Post your congrats to her here, if you’d like, and I’ll make sure she gets them.

Here’s hoping that kid doesn’t get her spectacular boobs!

A little blog clean-up

Yello! While Pete valiantly struggles with the woeful complexities of a digital camera AND a laptop (this could take a while!), I wanted to announce a little blog cleanup that I’ve done.

I went through my links and pulled all the ones that are defunct and/or lame-o now.

I added a link to a new blog in the “random but excellent section” called Social Primer. This is written by someone who I legitimately know! Not some person who only exists in a computer! Amazing! It’s like Emily Post without the silent undercurrents of outdated social mores. (And by that I mean you know she was debating on putting that section in about how to politely ignore your friend with the regular black eye.) He covers things from fashion to correspondence to keeping yourself from breaking into a sweat at a formal wedding in August. Useful stuff, truly!

Also, I’ve added an entire new section of links in a Gardening/Green Living category. I’ve become not a little obsessed with gardening lately, and I’ve found these links to be highly entertaining and informative. If you are even mildly interested, check some of them out.

Ack! No time to blog!

What is up with this JOB I have thinking that it can take my time away from blogging?  Don’t they realize that I have very important things to tell you like that yesterday I cut 11 inches of my hair off.  No shit.  I’m still shaking from the trauma.  It’s not a terrific haircut.  What is terrific is that I am currently carrying that 11 inches of hair around in my purse.  Gross! I’m giving it to locks of love, so I have an excuse.  It isn’t just a weird morbid attachment to my shorn locks. 

Also:  Pete came home from Alaska last night.  I asked him to “bring me something pretty!” and he returned home with 9 pounds of fresh caught, wild Alaskan salmon.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  So pretty, in fact, that I made him take a picture of me with it.  If he can figure out how to unlock the mysterious technology of a digital camera, perhaps I can post it. 

OK!  Now to work!