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Ok maybe just one more picture

Because look how cute we are!  Aren’t you jealous!

Also, look how good I am getting at taking pictures of myself.   You can’t even tell!

(actually, please don’t be jealous because WE LIVE 995 MILES AWAY FROM EACH OTHER and I probably won’t be able to see him again for 3 months.  WHICH IS A LONG FUCKING TIME, PEOPLE!.)

(sorry, I’m awfully screamy today.  Forgive me, please)


Too many thoughts in my head

Ack!  I’m facing an unusual problem in that I have too much to write about.   I want to tell you all about my trip and how pretty and sunny and GREEN it was!  And there was grilling!  And Bocce ball!  And mini-golf!  And corn cooked on the grill!  And Clam Chowdah.  Yummy, yummy chowdah (Oh!  And a hardcore local complimented me on my pronunciation of “chowdah.”)  And also beer.  Lots and lots of beer.  And GREEEEN.

(no seriously, look at this:

GUH-REEN.   It looks photoshopped doesn’t it?  Has Massachusetts always looked like this?)
But I also want to tell you about the play I went to last night with my 65 year-old boss and her former republican congressman husband.  I play in which the word “fuck” was uttered many, many times.   And not in the random expletive way.  In the way in which it actually meant the physical act.   And also the “P” word.  IN FRONT OF MY BOSS.   AND HER FORMER REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN HUSBAND.  Who I was meeting for the first time.  And I was wearing pearls and my handbag matched my shoes and I felt like I was going to shatter into a million pieces because I felt so awkward.  The only way it could have been worse is if they suddenly started throwing tampons and condoms at us.

But it was actually a really amazing play and oddly enough the frequent use of said dirty words did nothing to detract from the fact that it was incredibly moving and touching and sweet.   And they both loved it.  In all of their old, republican glory they loved the play.  If that doesn’t say something positive about it, I don’t know what does.

(Oh, I should probably tell y’all what it is, right?  It’s part of Piccolo Spoleto festival and the play was Cloud Tectonics put on by Pure Theatre.  It was VERY minimal, with the only props being 2 chairs and a blanket but it was so consuming and exquisitely acted that you could see everything they were holding and eating and looking at.  The performances by Rodney Lee Rogers and Sharon Graci (a real-life married couple) were absolutely captivating and quite literally brought tears to my eyes.  There are three more performances during the festival, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.)

And then we went and had dinner at the Country Club (cue obnoxious southern debutante accent)  and listened to the story of how one of the local social magnates went to California to hire a surrogate mother to bear his children.  And he had a high tea to welcome them into society (twins, in case you are wondering).  Hilarity ensued, as you can imagine.  And it turned out to be one of the most unusual and highly entertaining evenings of my life, despite the fact that I had been sort of dreading it.  Who knew rich old republicans could be so much fun?

Ok, I’m just going to tell you about my trip tomorrow.  It was beautiful and wonderful and amazing and I’m super-pissed to be back home.

And no, Mom, I’m not engaged.  I would have called you and told you about that.

tick, tick, tick

I keep looking at the clock and it isn’t going anywhere.  It has been 2:57 for 14 minutes now.  OH WAIT!  2:58.  Victory!

At 6:55 my flight is supposed to be wheels up on the way to Atlanta before I catch another flight to Boston.   I am supposed to land at precisely 11:59 which means that from this moment, I have 9 hours until I am there.   I’m oddly satisfied that I am arriving only one minute away from midnight, and that Pete will be the first person that I see on Saturday, when the clock finally flips over.

I haven’t talked much about Pete lately, but only because I am violently resisting this blog turning into an outlet for me to whine and bitch, and if I started talking about him, that is all I would do.  It has been almost exactly 2 months since I have seen him, since I had the luxury of an entire week with him.   A week in which I could wake up next to him, in which I could eat breakfast with him, in which I could turn to him and vocalize all the trivial little thoughts that run through my head all day.  Luxury seems like too weak of a word to describe it.  It was lavish.

And I miss him.  Terribly.  There has always been that nagging difficulty of being in a long distance relationship.  That constant little twinge that tells you something isn’t right.  That something isn’t how it is supposed to be.  But in the last month, it has grown from a little twinge into a dehibilitating aching pain.  I pine for him.  I’ve actually been a little bit of a wreck, lately.

I’ve taken to trying to quantify the distance to somehow cope with it a little better.  I’ve plotted the route I would take if I drove up there.   It is exactly 995 miles, which would probably take me 3 days because I hate to drive for long periods.  I’ve counted the days we have actually spent with each other, which comes out to a shockingly paltry 21.  And those aren’t even all whole days.  Monday was seven months since I drove to Virginia to see if I was a crazy person for even thinking of getting in a relationship that I knew would be like this, and it is sobering to know that in all of those seven months,  it has only been 21 short, brief days.   Not surprisingly, none of those numbers make a difference in how I feel.

But I know that I will see him tonight.  And that number of 21 will slowly climb ever higher, until one day I can actually say that we’ve spent a month with each other.   If only that wretched clock would keep changing.

And you can damn well bet that I will be at that airport early.

LOL Presidents

Are y’all familiar with the concept of LOL Cats?  (if you are, just bear with me here.  I promise this will be good).  Basically what happens with LOL cats is that people take pictures of their cats (or other animals) and add random, grammatically incorrect captions that are full of silliness.  I think they are absolutely hilarious, as do other people, because one of the big sites I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? is the fastest growing blog on wordpress right now.   It is complete and utter silliness, but it makes me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts.

For example:

See?  Funny, right?

So maybe you aren’t amused by that.  Or looking at  pictures of cats seems, oh I don’t know, so crazy old lady maybe?   Well, now you are safe, because Boing Boing linked to a shockingly hilarious collection of LOL Presidents today that has made tears stream down my face.  It is absolutely ludicrous, but in a historically arrogant way, which I totally appreciate.

Some of the best:

Now that shit is FUNNY.

Here are more.  LOTS more.

Tall Ships part 2

You can see part 1 of the pictures right here

Sorry I’m just getting around to posting these, but I thought I’d share none the less.

They said they had something like 85,000 people show up for the festival which is AMAZING.  Hopefully this means they will have tall ships coming every year, and maybe we can get more next time.  4 big ships and 4 small ones makes for very long lines when 85,000 people are trying to get on board.   But everyone seemed like they were having a great time.  I certainly enjoyed myself.

Oh yes, those are people in the rigging.  They were wearing harnesses, but still…

The sails of the Picton Castle.  They are handsewn!

My teeth are still chattering

Yesterday, finally, after seven months of saying “I’m going to buy a bike!” I finally went out and bought one. It is purple, and beautiful, and I love it.

It is also a cheap piece of crap, because I live in the ghetto. That way, when (and not if) it gets stolen, I won’t be too upset. I did, however, splurge on a really fancy seat (which had the slightly alarming name of “pillow-top saddle”), so that way I can fool myself into thinking it is a nice bike. As I put it to Pete, it’s like putting leather seats into a Kia. It’s still a piece, but your ass will feel very comfortable regardless.

So this morning, I sprung out of bed all chipper because I RODE MY BIKE TO WORK TODAY! And I was very excited about doing it. Because I would be all environmental and exercizey and good for me!

And then I actually got on the road, and I came to the incredibly sobering realization that I have NEVER ridden a bicycle on a major road with CARS. Ever. I haven’t even owned a bike since I was, oh, 12 or so? And I lived in the woods. And though I occasionally had to deal with a tractor, or some sort of animal carcass, I wasn’t really prepared for the big time.

Y’all, that shit is scary. Do you know how big cars are? And how fast? And how loud they are? And do you know that sometimes people talk on their cellphones and don’t pay attention to the people on little, rickety bikes (who maybe couldn’t even find a helmet that fit them, so just decided to put off that purchase and are imagining at EVERY MOMENT what it is going to feel like when their head smashes on the pavement)? Well, I know.

Oh, and here’s another tip: Maybe, on your first day riding your bike on a ROAD with CARS that could very easily DESTROY you, put on something other than your very cute strappy sandals with slick bottoms that provide no traction whatsoever so that whenever you peddle, your feet aren’t sliding off the peddles. I looked like something out of a cartoon, I’m sure.

But aside from the constant, gripping fear, it was a delightful ride. It only took me about 15 minutes, and that was going slow and taking as many back roads as I could. And yes, I did almost cry when that bird looked at me, because I know he was thinking of flying towards me, and I’m still shaking a little bit, but it was totally worth it. And now! I get to look forward to riding home from work today!

(Aside to Mom: can you please come pick me up?)

I’m so excited I am hyperventilating!


1.  Tall Ships!  Sails!  Masts!  Sailors!  (seriously, someone give me a paper bag here)  I’ma gonna throw up I’m so excited!  I haven’t actually gotten a chance to go on board yet (because WORK: YOU SUCK!).  But I’m going to go tomorrow morning and climb all over them and drool a little bit.  However!  I have been driving by the docks every chance I get, and it is an absolute wonder that I have not killed any pedestrians yet because of my craning and rubber-necking to try and get a glimpse of the masts.

My roommate, Leezle, is a tour guide on a boat that does harbor tours, so last night I begged a spot on one of her ghost tours and I got to see the boats from the water.  It was amazing and beautiful such a fabulous way to see them.

And yes, I took pictures.  Ninety Eight pictures, in fact,  but I will spare you and only post the really good ones.

But first!  Reason #2 I’m hyperventilating (from excitement):

2.  In exactly 6 days (and counting!) I am going to Massachusetts!  To see Pete!  HOORAY!  This just sort of snuck up on me, despite the fact that the trip has been planned for about a month and a half, but what with work and such, I just hadn’t thought much about it.  BUT NOW IT IS ALMOST HERE.  And I am very excited.  Can you tell?

Ok, Now here are some pictures (just a note, if you want to see more, just click on any of them, and it will direct you to my photobucket account where I’ve loaded all of them.)


The Virginia, with the Pride of Baltimore behind her (which is why it looks like she has extra masts)



Stern of the Pride of Baltimore


The deck of the Spirit of Bermuda (which is brand-spankin’ new, as you can see)


 The beautiful Spirit of South Carolina, which is also brand new


And again, with the Spirit of Bermuda, Pride of Baltimore, and the Virginia in the background


From the water


Pride of Baltimore


The rigging of the Baltimore and the Virginia

And now for the Big Girls…


That’s about 800 ft. of sailboat


From left to right:  The Gloria, Prince William, Tarangini, and Picton Castle


The Picton Castle


The Gloria and the Prince William


If this is what 4 ships looks like, imagine what you would have seen when Charleston Harbor was holding 150-200 ships like these.  It must have been quite astounding.

And one pretty picture of the bridge:


Ok, two: