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Hey…let’s talk about some Democrats!

Wow, so there was, like, a lot of stuff that happened this week.

Here’s a big goddamn surprise:  I want to talk about the election!

I’m mildly embarrassed to admit that I didn’t actually vote in the primaries (oh my god, she didn’t?  Why does she hate America??).   If it makes you feel better, I surprised myself bigtime.  I registered here almost as soon as I moved and was all geared up to vote, and then Edwards dropped out of the race and my bitter little heart shriveled up and died.  I’m a HUGE fan of Edwards and have been since he ran in the 2004 election.  I wasn’t necessarily surprised that he dropped out, but I really wanted to be able to vote for him so I was hoping that he would hang in there for a few more weeks.

And then I was faced with the two other candidates which I hadn’t thought much about (well, that isn’t actually accurate.  I’ve spent a great deal of time listening to them debate and following their campaigns and cheering them on, but since I was an Edwards gal, I hadn’t really thought about supporting either one of them).  So here’s my problem:  I like both of them.  Immensely.  I think that they are both amazing and inspiring and passionate and brilliant and I would be 100,000% behind either one of them if they got the nomination, but I couldn’t choose.  If I voted for Obama, I would have felt like I was betraying Hillary and if I voted for Hillary, I would have felt the same betrayal towards Obama.  I was simply torn.  For the days leading up to the election and the day of, I waffled back and forth between the two, but by the time I was getting home and I drove past the polling place, I still didn’t have one chosen, so I just didn’t vote.

It seems kinda terrible, I know, but I just couldn’t decide.  And to make myself feel better about it here are my other excuses:

1.  Uhhhh…primary!  It’s not like this is the actual election.

2.  Uhhhh…Massachusetts?  Even despite the very high profile endorsements of the Kennedys*, Gov. Deval Patrick, and Treebeard himself, Massachusetts was still polling heavily for Clinton.   It wasn’t like it was going to be a big surprise who won.   And it wasn’t.

But then I saw the returns, and Hillary (narrowly) won.  And I was actually a little…disappointed.   So that’s how I realized that of the two of them, I think I support Obama (even though I didn’t vote for him) (and even though I’ll happily and passionately support her if SHE gets the nomination) and I hope to see him running for the top spot.

And also about the election:  I got actual chills when I was watching the returns and realized that in November, this country will almost certainly elect the first woman or the first black president.  How amazing is that?  I NEVER thought we would get to this point in my lifetime.

*Super Fantastic Oh-My-Holy-Goddamn-Moment that I forgot to tell you about:  When we were in Logan Airport two Fridays ago eating Wendy’s, Pete leaned over to me and said, “Taylor, do you know who that is over there?” whilst pointing to an older man with silvery hair in a very nice blue suit and a pink tie talking to two similarly well-dressed but younger companions.  I said: “No!  Who’s that?” and he said: “That’s Joe Kennedy!”

And then I lost my shit (and funnily enough, when I called my mom to say MOM I’M STANDING 10 FEET AWAY FROM JOE KENNEDY IN LOGAN AIRPORT!! her response was”….no shit!?”).  Because I was about 10 feet away from an Honest-to-God Legendary Massachusetts Kennedy!  And since my primary reasons for coming here were:

1.  to play in the snow

2. to contract whatever poisoning you get from eating too much shellfish, and

3. to be in close proximity to a Kennedy, even one that is not quite as famous as some of his relatives

I can say that I have nearly successfully completed my Yankee-Goals as long as I eat just a few more fried clams.