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Sarah Who?

So I went from being confused (Sarah who?, I asked as a co-worker of mine who worked in the Romney campaign told me this morning that she was the nominee) to being highly amused (Seriously?  A woman with zero experience and a vapid smile?  This is going to be soooo easy…) to being downright pissed (GodDAMN that man!  He has the GALL to potentially make our first woman vice-president THIS awful woman?  This woman who has been in politics all of 16 months?  [and no, I don’t count her being mayor of a town of 8,000 people as being in politics.  That’s called being that pretty gal who doesn’t even get to vote at town council meetings].  This woman who isn’t even sure what a Vice President does?  You arrogant sonofabitch.) to being oddly frustrated and mildly triumphant.

Granted, it was one hell of a shocking move and you’ve got to give him credit for keeping EVERYONE in the dark about it.  And I’m frustrated because he did manage to distract everyone from Obama’s glorious speech last night.  Well played, you crafty old coot.  Maybe he learned that when he was a POW.  Did y’all know that he is a POW?  Have you heard him talk about that yet?  I know he’s pretty shy about it.  But the triumphant part comes because this was such a stupid thing for him to do.  Even the ‘Publican pundits can’t come up with legitimate good things to say about her (I read one this afternoon, and I’m sorry I didn’t bookmark it for reference), where the guy was actually saying how great she was as a candidate because she was Miss Congeniality and almost Miss Alaska.  Wow.  If you are celebrating because your new VP candidate LOST the Miss Alaska pageant, that says a hell of a lot.

She is anti-choice, which is important for all the crazies, but she doesn’t even believe in abortion in the cases of rape or incest, which something like 70% of Americans believe should be legal.  And she’s charming and pretty which is lovely and all, but even THAT is bad for McCain.  Next to her, he’s going to look like Grumpy McSlowTalker Decrepitstein, Town Crier of Get Off My Lawn-Ville (and even THAT is bigger than that place where Sarah Palin was mayor!).

I just finished reading a wonderful article that really sums up what her nomination means, titled- most aptly I think- “The Worst Vice Presidential Nominee in U.S. History” (Geez.  Tell us how you really feel Robert!) It is very well stated and an enlightening read.



 Oh my Barack!  I feel like I haven’t slept in days because I’ve been staying up WAY past my bedtime to watch all the speeches (Curse you to hell, Eastern Time!).  They have all been great- nay, INSPIRING- speeches.  Hillary gave me the most goosebumps and the most tears-welling-up moments, mostly because I identified so much with her oratorical connection to the women’s suffrage movement.  I definitely like her again (seriously, though, she seemed earnestly humble, and it was awesome that she was the one who made the motion to suspend the delegate voting and proclaim Obama the candidate by acclamation).   Bill was charming and impressive, as usual.  Joe Biden was a tiger (remember 100 years ago during that first major debate when I said how impressed I was with him?), and I’m really glad we get to see more of him.  Also:  Bonus points for hot kids!  I won’t be sad to see more of Beau Biden. 

And Obama.  He was mesmerizing.  It’s a given that he is an amazing speaker and someone who is able to make his audience feel so hopeful, but he was so much more than that last night.  He laid his plans out there and they were spot on (except for the “clean coal” bit, which I could have done without).  He was tough, he was steady, he was passionate, and hot damn y’all, he was right!  And John McCain is going to look like a steam-powered robot next to him. 

I was really proud to put my Obama sticker on my car this morning.


UPDATED! Sweet Jumpin’ Sassafrass!  Has McCain lost his goddamn mind?  That poor, poor woman is about to have the worst 2 months of her life.   Heh, it’s almost like McCain said, “Internet, find me a running mate!”

Brrrrr! (WTF?!)

Hi there.  It is August 12th today.  Do you know what I’m wearing?  A sweater.  On August 12th.  Also over that sweater:  a semi-heavy jacket.  And yet, I’m still cold?  In August?  Whaaaa…?



This place is so weird. 

I have also only seen the sun on one day and then for only about 4 hours in the last three weeks I have been in MA.  It was plenty sunny in Alabama, thank god, otherwise I would have since dyed my hair jet black and taken to mournfull stares and hoodies.  But I’m pretty close to that.  It has rained about 7 inches here in the last two weeks, most of that coming in a continuous, unabating drizzle that is infuriating me and breaking my spirits.  We do, however, have the occasional spectacular storm complete with window-rattling thunder and spine-tingling lightening that is admittedly exciting and beautiful, but enough with the rain already!

My garden is rotting and the farm is a big sopping wet mess of mud and weeds.  On Saturday I literally had to fight my way through a chest-high forest of weeds to get to the leeks (which were almost as tall as I am- they are enjoying the copious rainfall).  I looked like I had gone though a car wash.   A muddy car wash.   I wanted to take pictures, but I was busy being frustrated with Pete who had my camera so to punish him I left him alone so he didn’t know I was upset and also didn’t get any pictures that I really wanted to take.  BOY I SHOWED HIM.  TAKE THAT!

So, in conclusion:  BLEEECHHH!

Everything is better with goats!

Y’all!  I was totally in Alabama all last week and I didn’t even tell you.  I am the worst internet-girlfriend ever!

I was going to post when I got there on Saturday afternoon and make some snappy joke about being in Bama, but then my parent’s innernets were all plumb mucked up!  Though, truthfully, it’s a miracle they have internet anyway since they live in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.  Maybe not a Cheeto-Jesus miracle, but a miracle none-the-less.  They had a guy scheduled to come fix it Thursday so I planned to do it then.

And then we went to the beach for four days AND I DIDN’T EVEN GET SUNBURNED and that is a miracle which makes Cheesus look like a third-rate Saint helping someone find their lost keys.

What can I say about the beach?  It was hotter than the deepest depths of hell.  It was so hot that one day we went to Ft. Morgan, a civil-war era fort, and we were able to wander around for maybe 20 minutes before our motor skills started to give out and I started speaking in tongues.  I am very much out of practice dealing with the kind of heat that makes roasted seagulls drop out of the sky.  Sadly, the gulf was infested with jellyfish so I wasn’t able to swim, but there was a very nice pool and a shady balcony that served as a nice place to spend a few days.  And I had forgotten how amazing gulf shrimp is.

We got home on Wednesday afternoon and immediately went to work picking lima beans, planting sweet potatoes, making fig preserves, and harvesting and shelling two bushels of peas.  I was betrayed by my father when he told me on Saturday that while we were there we could go pick up goats that he wanted to buy to clean out the brush from a very large new pasture that he just cleared AND THEN WE DIDN’T GET GOATS AFTER ALL.  And I wept and rended (?) (rent?) my garments and promised to bring down the heavens upon him but, alas, no one at the goat farm answered the phone.

How perfect would it have been to spend my vacation picking up goats?  There is literally nothing that could have happened that would have completed my vacation in quite that way.  Going to a restaurant that served sweet tea out of a garbage can?  Check. (Twice, in fact!)  Making garden-grown fried okra?  Check.  Almost singlehandedly eating a 12 pound watermelon?  You bet your ass check!  Going to a goat-farm and buying goats? No check!  Booooo!  I think you can understand why I wasn’t able to post on Thursday.  I was grieving.

Despite the goats, it was a delightful vacation and I’m terribly sorry that it is over.  A week went by much faster than it should have.

And today my father emailed me the pictures of the damn goats that he picked up.  CURSES!