Today is the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, which means that 90 million people are in town. And they all brought their mom with them. Also, approximately 70% of the streets in the city that I usually drive on are closed, so instead of trying to deal with all the mess, I just parked very far away from work and walked in this morning.

This is a perfect time to live in Charleston, and every spring my love affair with the city starts again. Of course, by summer, when it is 115% (and I am not exaggerating here!), I’ll be back to cursing the very name of this city and the 200 settlers who came over here and decided to found a city in this putrid, foetid swamp 300 and some odd years ago. But for now! It’s all sunshine! And roses! And Lollypops that taste like moonbeams!

Everything is blooming and fragrant and striking. And, lucky for you, I took pictures.  Some of these are ones that have been sitting in my camera for two weeks, which is why the sky is so brilliantly blue in a few of these shots.  That is not the case today.  The skies are grey grey grey.  And yet?  Still beautiful.


And I even made a new friend:

If you live in the South East, I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous weather we’re having. If you don’t, then consider warm wishes and hopes for no more snow coming your way. I wish you were here. Really.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Spring has finally started to come for those of us up north too.


  2. We live in a garden, don’t we?


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