Is anyone else watching the Rachael Maddow Show on MSNBC?

I’m totally loving her.  I usually hate pundit shows, regardless of their slant, simply because I can’t stand to hear talking heads yelling at each other.  But her show is teriffic.  Yes, she’s liberal, and unashamedly so, but she does have republicans and right-wingers on her show.  She’s very calm and reasonable, and even when they are screaming at her she gives them this little satisfied smirk and stays calm-it pisses them off so much.  She’s getting great ratings, too, which is heartening.  It’s nice to have a woman heading a political show.

It’s on MSNBC at 9, after Keith Olbermann (who I can only stand for a little bit at a time).

2 responses to this post.

  1. She is the best!!! I love her show. She’s smart and she’s progressive. What more could we want?


  2. Every piece on her that I seen in NYT — and there are a lot — make me love her more and more. So incredibly down to earth and just bemused at her success.


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