When I moved here last year, I registered to vote.  Sent in my card and got confimation back and everything.

Well, I just checked on it and turns out I’m not registered.  Naturally, I’ve lost the card completely. 

Thank god I checked and now I’ve still got time.

You should too.

And if you aren’t registered, go and do it now.  You’re almost out of time (like, days literally).


One response to this post.

  1. do us states not have an automatic registry? in canada, we are automatically registered (i have no idea how, the voter’s card just shows up in the mail).

    but, yes, register if you need to in order to vote! i will be telling everyone in canada to get their buns to the polling stations to do the same on october 14th.

    to have the opportunity to participate in a democracy is something that millions of people throughout the world would do anything to have, and all we need to do is show up (and register) and have our say! it is a shame that western democracies have such a low voter turn out.


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