Surviving Massachusetts

Guess what!?  I’ve started a new blog (hoo boy I can hear the groans from here)!  I know, I know.  I barely keep this one updated.  What in the hell is the matter with me.

Well, this is actually part of that.  One of the reasons I’ve been remiss over here is because the only thing I can think about and the only thing I’ve been interested in lately (except politics, natch.) is gardening and eating locally and sustainability.  And I really don’t want this to turn into a garden blog, because I know that will only interest some of you.

So I’ve gone and started a gardening/eating locally blog.  It’s called Surviving (on) Massachusetts.  (I think I’m so clever!)  It’s going to be part garden journal/part local agriculture adventures/part food.

The other reason is because I’ve started to read a whole mess of gardening/homesteading blogs and some of those people just don’t share my beliefs.  And that’s fine.  They don’t write much about politics on their blogs and I’d hate for them to slog through my rants and raves (correct as they may be! 🙂 ) just to get to what they are interested in.

So, this blog isn’t going anywhere, you just won’t see much about my agricultural side anymore.  If you care atall, please visit (And bookmark!  And comment! And tell your friends!) me at Surviving (On) Massachusetts.


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