Labor Day? How apt.

Well, there was no resting on our laurels this weekend.  We were busy little bees, what with the glorious delivery of our brand-spankin’ new chest freezer on Sunday afternoon.  (And it’s quite big, too!  14.8 cubic feet, I believe.  Pete wanted to get the larger one, but I insisted on the slightly smaller version, because, as I put it “Hell no!  It would be far too easy for you to murder me and hide me in the big one!”  The lady standing beside us didn’t think that was as funny as we did.) 

 So what do you do when faced with a completely empty and giant freezer?  You fill it!

 I had, in a moment of impulsiveness, ordered an extra bushel of corn from our CSA.  It may be true that I didn’t quite know how much a bushel was.  Let’s just say it’s a lot.  So much that I couldn’t lift the bag on my own.  I initially thought that it was overkill, but after we froze 18 whole ears,  about 30 cups of kernels, 1 giant bag of what I called “chowder corn” that was all mashed up and milky, and then left 8 more ears unfrozen and in our refrigerator, I felt a nice sense of success and preparation.  It will be wonderful to be able to pull out a bag of fresh sweet corn in the middle of January,  if it lasts that long.  We eat a lot of corn.  So much that I’ve been thinking to myself all day “hmmm…I wonder if we could get more.”  I think if I said that out loud, Pete would go ahead and stuff me in that freezer, even if I wouldn’t fit comfortably. 

 But hoo boy that is not all we did!  We also froze 3 pounds of green beans, made two pints of dilly beans (green bean pickles!) a pint of regular pickles, enough dough for four loaves of bread (which I’m going to finish tonight when I get home), a gallon of corn broth, three pounds of butter, 4 pints of fresh heirloom tomato sauce, homemade pizza (for dinner last night- with fresh tomatoes and eggplant), and a pound of homemade mozzarella cheese.  Brace yourself, for you are in the presence of a domestic goddess.  (Just please ignore the mountain of laundry, the horrifying kitchen, the weeds choking my flowers, and the bathroom that may be harboring a newly formed species.)

 I would also like to point out that my weekend included three hours of working on the farm, a trip to the farmer’s market, and the acquisition of a big, well-made pine table for our laundry room from a yard sale down the road from the farm (honestly, we only stopped because they have a lovely garden that I’ve been admiring, and I figured I could get closer to it if they thought we were going to buy something), and watching the majority of The Sound of Music. 

 I am exhausted, to say the least.  But I certainly don’t feel like I wasted my weekend.  What did y’all do?


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  1. Rode my bike down to Boston harbor, saw the film “Frozen River,” which was very intense and well done, went out for drinks with friends, watched “Mad Men,” took my dog to auditions for the musical Annie, and much more.


  2. Posted by Ezra on September 2, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    I studied on Friday and watched Redbelt with Alli that night. Then I went to Auburn on Saturday. War Eagle! Then on Sunday and Monday I went to Smith Lake. I saw a man barbecue more meat than I have ever seen a single human prepare. 8 chickens, 8 slabs of ribs that must have come from a pig you might find on Lost (seriously, they were ridiculously huge), brisket, and a huge quantity of pork. Also there was a big tub of potato salad large enough to wash a 3 year old in. And another similarly sized tub of cole slaw. And another of beans. He also made an odd and delicious banana-oreo-macadamia nut-coconut cream pie. It too was enormous. The next day he prepared another huge pie using the apples from the trees outside. It was kind of odd to see a man carving the heads of his duck hunting decoys while explaining that when you make the crust of the pie you have to bind it with egg whites.

    Tomorrow I’m going to see if there is any legal precedent to force him to pay for a gastric bypass surgery for all of his guests.


  3. I moved.

    But what I wanted to comment about is your mention of corn milk. I saw an episode of Bobby Flay’s grill show (on hooked-up cable in new house!), in which he made a roasted jalapeno pesto, but instead of putting in dairy (i.e., parmesan), he added corn milk. Apparently the roasting process makes the peppers quite mild; that’s the base of the sauce– no basil. (But toasting pine nuts amps up the flavor to the point of taking over the dish. Go figure.) If I had a grill, it’d be on my to-make list.


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