Sarah Who?

So I went from being confused (Sarah who?, I asked as a co-worker of mine who worked in the Romney campaign told me this morning that she was the nominee) to being highly amused (Seriously?  A woman with zero experience and a vapid smile?  This is going to be soooo easy…) to being downright pissed (GodDAMN that man!  He has the GALL to potentially make our first woman vice-president THIS awful woman?  This woman who has been in politics all of 16 months?  [and no, I don’t count her being mayor of a town of 8,000 people as being in politics.  That’s called being that pretty gal who doesn’t even get to vote at town council meetings].  This woman who isn’t even sure what a Vice President does?  You arrogant sonofabitch.) to being oddly frustrated and mildly triumphant.

Granted, it was one hell of a shocking move and you’ve got to give him credit for keeping EVERYONE in the dark about it.  And I’m frustrated because he did manage to distract everyone from Obama’s glorious speech last night.  Well played, you crafty old coot.  Maybe he learned that when he was a POW.  Did y’all know that he is a POW?  Have you heard him talk about that yet?  I know he’s pretty shy about it.  But the triumphant part comes because this was such a stupid thing for him to do.  Even the ‘Publican pundits can’t come up with legitimate good things to say about her (I read one this afternoon, and I’m sorry I didn’t bookmark it for reference), where the guy was actually saying how great she was as a candidate because she was Miss Congeniality and almost Miss Alaska.  Wow.  If you are celebrating because your new VP candidate LOST the Miss Alaska pageant, that says a hell of a lot.

She is anti-choice, which is important for all the crazies, but she doesn’t even believe in abortion in the cases of rape or incest, which something like 70% of Americans believe should be legal.  And she’s charming and pretty which is lovely and all, but even THAT is bad for McCain.  Next to her, he’s going to look like Grumpy McSlowTalker Decrepitstein, Town Crier of Get Off My Lawn-Ville (and even THAT is bigger than that place where Sarah Palin was mayor!).

I just finished reading a wonderful article that really sums up what her nomination means, titled- most aptly I think- “The Worst Vice Presidential Nominee in U.S. History” (Geez.  Tell us how you really feel Robert!) It is very well stated and an enlightening read.


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  1. I love Decrepitstein.


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