Brrrrr! (WTF?!)

Hi there.  It is August 12th today.  Do you know what I’m wearing?  A sweater.  On August 12th.  Also over that sweater:  a semi-heavy jacket.  And yet, I’m still cold?  In August?  Whaaaa…?



This place is so weird. 

I have also only seen the sun on one day and then for only about 4 hours in the last three weeks I have been in MA.  It was plenty sunny in Alabama, thank god, otherwise I would have since dyed my hair jet black and taken to mournfull stares and hoodies.  But I’m pretty close to that.  It has rained about 7 inches here in the last two weeks, most of that coming in a continuous, unabating drizzle that is infuriating me and breaking my spirits.  We do, however, have the occasional spectacular storm complete with window-rattling thunder and spine-tingling lightening that is admittedly exciting and beautiful, but enough with the rain already!

My garden is rotting and the farm is a big sopping wet mess of mud and weeds.  On Saturday I literally had to fight my way through a chest-high forest of weeds to get to the leeks (which were almost as tall as I am- they are enjoying the copious rainfall).  I looked like I had gone though a car wash.   A muddy car wash.   I wanted to take pictures, but I was busy being frustrated with Pete who had my camera so to punish him I left him alone so he didn’t know I was upset and also didn’t get any pictures that I really wanted to take.  BOY I SHOWED HIM.  TAKE THAT!

So, in conclusion:  BLEEECHHH!


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  1. I think it’s global climate change, and not New England, to blame for the weird weather. We longtime New Englanders find the weather as frustrating as you do!


  2. Posted by sandrita on August 12, 2008 at 11:03 am

    Well, in Alabama we have had this totally freakish weather pattern which has brought cool temperatures and today we have rain…the first in about two weeks. Last year on this day the temperature was 106 with a heat index of 115. Today it is supposed to reach of high of 89 and for the last couple of nights the temp has been in the high 60’s…quite unusual but we are savoring the moments!! We KNOW it is August 12 and this will be very short-lived but for now it’s very, very nice.

    Just think, Taylor, in a couple of months you can look forward to your first FROST!!


  3. Posted by Ezra on August 12, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    Yeah, it’s stormy and only 75 degrees (or 79 when you factor in the 93% humidity for the heat index) here in Bham. It has been low 80s and low 60s at night for the last couple days. I’m hoping the climate will lock into exactly this temperature range for the rest of existence. It could happen.

    Two weeks ago they made the first year med students go out into the park and do “team building” exercises. In the middle of the day. In Alabama. It was 109 with the heat index. Two future doctors almost died of heat stroke.


  4. Posted by Jennifer Shelby Walker on August 20, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    It is coolish here in very southern Texas (nearly Mexico). My baby turtle eggs needed a heater today. We have had lots of rain and rain forcasted for the next five days. And with rain comes mosquitos the size of bats (yipeee!). But all this definitely beats having a hurricane.


  5. Yeah the weather here in Victoria sucks butt too. I can’t believe I sat huddled under a blanket today ….. it’s AUGUST!!


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