My veggie babies

King of the North sweet peppers

Yellow Onions

The first "Early Girls"

Prolific "Sungolds"

These "Sungolds" were green when I left for work yesterday morning

Squash baby

 I swear I took a picture of my baby green beans, but somehow it didn’t make it onto my computer…odd.  They are still very tiny- 3 or 4 inches long max.  I’m hoping I grew enough for a few harvests at least. 

And some flowers thrown in for good measure. 

Grab bag Glad

Holyhock flower

Last of the Foxgloves

Unexpected Glad

And Keeping it all wet:

I got the directions on how to make this rain barrel from Mir at Woulda Shoulda Coulda. (Scroll down a bit into the comments for the step-by-step directions).  It’s working incredibly well so far, and I’m really pleased that we finally put one up.  It really bothers me to turn on the hose since I feel like I am wasting so much water.  This little thing is keeping my green beans very happy.

Product of rain dancing

Pete has been going out to the farm a few times a week (goddamn him and his summer vacations) and helping to do all manner of chores.  Last week he spent about 7 hours trellising and trimming tomato plants (aside:  their tomatoes are unbelievable.  They are sagging under the weight of hundreds of giant tomatoes.  It’s unreal and makes my piddly little tomatoes look especially sad.) and as he was going he kept finding green tomatoes that had dropped off the plants.  He didn’t feel like he could throw them into the compost, so the owners told him that he could bring them home if he wanted.  He promptly tossed them up in the window to ripen, but considering we are only a few weeks away from a vine-ripened tomato glut and these will taste like carboard comparatively, I’m going to slice them up and fry them while they are still green.   The again, I think these are so charming and pretty lined up on the window that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Pete's Reward


2 responses to this post.

  1. I ordered the cheesemaking kit Barbara Kingsolver mentioned in her book and thought you might be interested in my results – – it was a lot of fun.


  2. Posted by Elizabeth on July 27, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    Beautiful!! They all look so beautiful, but seriously, what kind of squash is that. Its weird looking. Our passion flowers are blooming and I’m convinced that they were made by aliens!! They have these strange squiggly petal thingies. And my first bell pepper died today. Or I should say it was being killed by something so I cut it off and thre it away. Now I am sad.


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