excuses, excuses, excuses

What I’ve been doing: 

1.  Rain dances (And they are working! Hot damn!) to fill my recently built RAIN BARREL!  Hurrah!

2.  Pulling my first onions.  Still babies, but delicious, delicious babies.

3.  Putting in ANOTHER raised bed, because my life won’t be complete until I plant garlic.

4.  Hayride at the farm!

5.  Planting a raspberry bush.

6.  Bonding with an adorable goat and a mildly retarded* sheep named Dobby- whom he looks EXACTLY like. 

7.  Harvesting beans at the farm.  And then more beans.

8.  Eating my first ripe tomato off the vine at the farm.  It was like a beautiful orange jewel.  And I didn’t like it. (Goddamnit.)

9.  Desperately and frantically searching for my camera charger so I could take a damn picture of some of this stuff so I actually had something to post on my rapidily declining and yawn-inducing blog.

10.  Bolting out of bed last night at 11:30 when I had a flash of recall and realized where I had hidden it from myself.  My camera is currently charging, so expect pictures sometime this week.  (No really, this time I promise).

*Aren’t they all?


2 responses to this post.

  1. …delicious, delicious babies.

    Just wanted to pull that one out of context. You’re welcome.


  2. Posted by Teresa on July 22, 2008 at 11:50 am

    Damn, he beat me to it! (see above)



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