Piggy face

Today is one of those days when I desperately want to punch myself in the face for not bringing my camera. 

My train got in this morning 10 minutes early, which is unheard of and cause for great and joyous celebration, so I decided to take my sometimes walk through Chinatown.  I turned a corner next to one of the 1400 Chinese bakeries that reside in a single square block (ancient magic!) only to almost collide with a man who had the entire carcass of a dead pig thrown over his shoulder.   It didn’t have it’s innards, but it did have hooves, a face complete with lolling tounge, and it’s little curliecue tail.  It almost touched me and I lept back in horror as the man grinned and laughed at me and then said something in incomprehensible chinese.  I clutched my withered heart and gasped and tried to smile though I’m sure I only managed a pained grimace as I stumbled away from him.  It was a completely shocking thing to see at 7:24 in the AM.  No, hell, that would be completely shocking to see at anytime of the day!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Next time, visit the poultry store. Live chickens all over the place.


  2. OMG that is creepy. I have been going to Chinatown since I was a kid, and the gutted animals still freak me out.


  3. Gross! Im a vegetarian so I am pretty sure an encounter like that would kill me. Seriously.


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