Please feel free to send me flowers. Springy ones.

So, ladies and gentlemen, do you know that tomorrow is the first day of Spring?  Like, officially and such.  Do you know that to herald this First Day of Spring Eve Boston decided to punch me in the head by making it snow?  I am looking out the window of my office and there is snow falling.  On March 19th

 I hate this place sometimes.  

This is in no way helped by the fact that my mother keeps calling me to gleefully tell me that it is 70 degrees in Alabama and her yard is just bursting at the seams with the most beautiful bright daffodils you can possibly imagine.  At which point I run out to my frozen plot of scratched-up soil that I call a flower bed and claw at the dirt trying to catch a glimpse of something growing that reminds me that at some point this eternal cold will finally end.  

 Now I’m not allowed to say bad things about my mom.  First, because she gave birth to me without an epidural, Second, because she paid for my thumb surgery so recently, and, Third, because she reads this blog (and, secretly, because she will almost definitely comment on this sentence letting me know that there are far, FAR too many commas in it).  However, DESPITE THOSE THINGS, my mom is sorta mean (please keep in mind, Mom, that this was not the initial thing I wanted to say, but I used my better judgment).  Especially for taunting me with the image of the very Daffodils that I helped her plant and that are my very favorite flowers of all time and that I positively DEPEND on to let me know that winter is O-O-Over.   

I have had it with winter.  I had it by the time February rolled around and we were still in the throes of some of the most bitter cold I had ever experienced.   I had it when  Valentines day (which has always been a Spring-y time for me) arrived and there was snow on the ground.  And now, I have especially had it.  Y’all, it is almost Easter and there is SNOW FALLING RIGHT NOW. 

Can I please re-iterate that I have. Had. It.   I need it to be warm and sunny and I need to lay in the grass and feel the heat of the sun on my face.  I need to wake up in the morning and be hot because of the intense sunlight streaming in and warming me up.  I need my damn flowers to bloom.  Or at least look like they are about to bloom.  I need to wear sandals again and skirts without stockings and I don’t want to panic every morning because I can’t find my gloves and my fingers are going to fallll offfff.   I am done done done done done.  Done.   


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  1. Well, that’s a New England winter for you. It lasts from November to May.


  2. Posted by sandrita on March 19, 2008 at 7:31 pm


    So, let’s see–we’ll be leaving on Friday to head down to Gulf Shores where we will lay in the sun by the pool, drink wine on the deck, eat mega quantities of shrimp, oysters and crab and go sailing…the azaleas and dogwoods are starting to bloom, the scent of yellow jasmine is in the air…

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, etc…


    your evil and, oh so mean, (notice the commas) mother


  3. Hang in there Taylor. Here’s a trick that got me through in Minnesota. Grab a space heater, lock yourself in the bathroom, crank that baby up.

    While the bathroom is heating up gather: a margarita (or other tropical drink), a beach read, your girly bubble bath or bath oils, your warmest pjs/robe/long underwear etc.

    Soak, sweat, enjoy your drink, and do not under any circumstances let yourself look out the window at the snow and/or mud. Rinse off, put on your jammies, and go to bed while still warm.

    Alternatively get a membership at a gym with a sauna. I found I could survive if I could just get hot enough to sweat on a regular basis. Otherwise the cold just seemed to seep into my bones and linger, depressing me.

    It will end. Eventually.


  4. My brother came down to South Carolina (from Vermont) last weekend – and he had to be forced to get back on the plane, so that he could head back to the snow (and more snow). He’s done too.

    I’m not sure what else to say. All the ‘indoor’ margaritas in the world can’t beat one that you sip on while sitting in a beach chair. Sorry.


  5. Bright, bold, blooming bulbs, bushes and trees. It’s all happening right now in Charleston gardens. Wish you were here. Sounds like you really need a little Springtime up there in snowy Boston.

    Since I can’t send flower pic ‘s here, I’ve posted some for you on my blog at Hope they brighten your day.

    I agree with you that there’s nothing quite as cheerful as the first flowers of spring.

    All the best from sunny Charleston.


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