Right…so, I have a blog!  That I keep kinda forgetting about!  And that is really crappy of me!  But, thankfully, there are some people out there who occasionally remind me that I haven’t written anything in quite a while.

Mostly, it’s because I’m not doing anything terribly interesting.  I did have two job interviews last week.  One of them was for one of those previously mentioned jobs that I would love.  I went in, had a fantastic interview, and then had to try and keep smiling at the interviewer when she told me “I have no doubt that you are completely capable of doing this job, and doing it well, but I’m worried that you’d be very bored in this position and I think you’re overqualified.”

Don’t you just freaking hate that?  I know that I’m overqualified for this job and yes, I probably would be bored, but really now!  Someone tell me what job they have where they are NEVER bored.  I’d be very interested to have it.  I can handle being underutilized in a job that pays well, has fantastic benefits, and is part of an organization that I really respect and would be proud to work for.

So, even though after the interview I had a delightful walk through Chinatown (though by delightful I perhaps mean somewhat frightening and alarming – I’m really afraid of aggressive homeless people, I’ve found – though still colorful and interesting) and got to bask in a day where it was SIXTY-SEVEN DEGREES in JANUARY in BOSTON (hello heaven!), I went home feeling really bummed.   However, I did get a message from her yesterday asking me to PLEASE call and touch base with her on Monday because even though they had a few more people to interview I was still one of the top candidates and she wanted to make sure I hadn’t taken another position yet.  So, that was a lovely end to the week.

Now I can’t decide if I should call her up be honest and BEG her for the position and tell her that I will, like, I don’t know, spit-shine her boots for her or something if she gives me the job or if I should call and be all coy and aloof and tell her that people are positively BREAKING down my door to get me to come and work for them but I’m really too busy ordering around my maids to come back to work just yet.

(Obviously, though, I’ll do neither and I’ll just call her and be polite and charming and keep all my toes crossed that it works out.  Y’all do too, ok?)

Still haven’t heard a word from that other position but the job announcement is still up on the website so maybe they haven’t closed it yet.  Dunno.

The other interview I had was one of those things where I walked in and immediately wanted to turn and walk out.  And then they told me that the hours were 1 to 10 PM.  And I seriously almost laughed out loud at them.  Needless to say, I don’t want that job.

So…that’s what I’ve been doing.  I’m bored with myself so I haven’t been very inspired to write.

(and it’s getting cold again this weekend.)


4 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds as if you’re going to get a job offer this week. Maybe you can just assure them you’ll stay at least a year. Cause you both know you’ll be bored.


  2. Posted by Sandrita on January 14, 2008 at 9:55 am

    If you do get the job and you are bored just look at it as a stepping stone to a more challenging position. Learn everything you can about as much as you can–make yourself indispendable. Hopefully someone will realize that you are capable of doing much more than is required of you and you’ll get a huge promotion…good luck!

    When you get bored do what I am doing right now…you wouldn’t believe how much I get paid to play on the internet all day!


  3. Hang in there. I’d been wondering how you were doing. I don’t have the heart to move your feed out of my Lowcountry list.


  4. Posted by Teresa on January 17, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    Ah yes, the joys of being in the that wonderfully un-employable stage that is “Hi, I have a Bachelor’s degree!” Grrrrrr… I have no idea how many office jobs I got turned down for before I managed to wing my one at the National Trust because educationally, I was over-qualified, but experientially, I was under-qualified, because I had spent the past four years of my life in college instead of working in an office. Hrmph.

    But good luck on your job search! Maybe Boston is more friendly to BA’s than DC is. 😛


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