Disjointed thoughts

The tree outside of my bedroom window (and the room my computer lives in) is full of Crows.  I love birds of all kinds, but Crows creep me out something fierce.  I want them to go away.  They are unsettling me.


I need to go out to get some drafting paper for a Victorian dress I am making, but it is 11 degrees outside and I’m avoiding leaving my house at all costs.  I am simply not prepared for this kind of weather.   This is too cold for me to function.  And every time I say that, Pete looks at me with a mixture of sadness and dread, like I’m going to die.   It’s only December…


Speaking of Pete, I miss him.  For the last few weeks, he’s been home to entertain me and we’ve had such a good time.  Now he’s back at work and the house feels lonely and empty.  AND I CAN’T ESCAPE (see previous note).

(also maybe because there isn’t anyone here to make me breakfast, which isn’t so great)


St. Nicholas brought me a motion-controlled heater for the bathroom  (The Future.  I live in it.)  and I find myself going in there just to stand in front of it.  As a result, the bathroom is more organized than it has ever been and my eyebrows are plucked to perfection.


Obviously, I don’t have a job yet (IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED ALL THE FREE TIME TO PLUCK MY EYEBROWS AND SUCH.  GAH!), which is cool in that “I don’t have to get up and go out into the cold” way but really, really sucky in that “I’m so bored I’m thinking about cutting my own hair” (which=BAD!!) way and that “when I look at the balance in my bank account it makes me hyperventilate a lil’ bit” way.


On that front, I’ve applied for two jobs in the last two days, either one I would LOVE LOVE LOVE and am perfect for, and now I just have to sit and WAIT.  Which sucks all kinds of ass.


Oh right!  And Merry Christmas (or Happy Tuesday) and Happy New Year!

Just a wee bit late.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Julie on January 3, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    Victorian dress you are making?????????


  2. i hate most birds and have a special feeling of hate towards the crow. just gross. and scary.

    i am reading the book The Book of Negroes by Canadian author Laurence Hill which talks about Charles Town, South Carolina and is currently fascinating me. it made me think of you (who i don’t technically know enough to be thinking about, but the only person i ‘know’ whose lived there) and maybe you can find a copy and relieve some of your boredom.

    ps – how long did you live away from your boyfriend and how on god’s green earth did you manage?


  3. I’m sorry you’re feeling lonely! I get that way too, sometimes, especially during the winter. Everything is so cold and quiet.

    Do we get to see your progress on the victorian bustle?


  4. Posted by Sandrita on January 7, 2008 at 9:47 am

    Yesterday it was 70 degrees, a beautiful warm sunny day. We worked with and rode our horse and spent the entire day outside including dining alfresco on the deck last night….ahhhhhh. Of course it was 15 degrees here Thursday morning but that is what’s so great about the South–the freezing weather never last too long.

    Good luck on your job applications!


  5. I’m sure you’ll get the JOB OF YOUR DREAMS!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Good luck and stay warm. Your post makes me feel colllllllllllllllllldddd.


  6. Taylor, yoo hoo, you’re too quiet.


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