My day so far

11:58 – Leave for post office to send sister’s birthday present

11:59 – SNOWING!

12:05 – SNOWING VERY VERY HARD!  Already accumulating!

12:10 – Have they salted the roads?  Everything is sticking an awful lot.

12:15 – Arrive at post office

12:19 – Leave post office.  Holy Shit!  It is snowing really hard.

12:22 – Pull up at traffic light.  Only going 15 miles an hour.  Apply brakes.  Brakes do nothing.  *skid skid skid SKID SKID SKID*  SHIT SHIT SHIT!  *CRASH!!!*

12:23 – Very lovely old lady is super nice.  There is no damage, so we go our seperate ways.  I am shaking.  A lot.

12:25 – Continue SLOWLY on my horrified, shaking merry way.

12:30 – No longer able to see the boundaries of the road.  Drive slower.

12:40 – Big truck turns into the road going the opposite direction.  Skids INTO MY LANE.  I apply brakes (slowly!) and start to skid.  Car behind me starts to skid.  TURN INTO SKID!  TURN INTO SKID!  Manage to re-gain a modicum of control to keep me from smashing into telephone pole.  Somehow all three cars avoid hitting each other.  Is a miracle.

12:58 – Finally manage to get home.  Relatively unharmed but suddenly HATING snow and terrified of the outside world.

1:01 – Officially become shut-in.  Write this post.


One response to this post.

  1. It becomes somewhat less frightening after experience, but I feel for you. I really do. I still have nightmares about stepping on the brakes and having nothing happen.


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