This and that

What I’ve done recently:

-Found some goddamn boxes.  FINALLY.  I must thank my friend Mike (or Wildlife Mike or Cooter [hahahah] as he is occasionally known) for using his truck to haul myself, Leezle, and 40 boxes pilfered off King Street back to our house.  Bonus points because this was done at midnight on Saturday, after we watched Auburn beat Kansas State.  War Eagle.

-Packed said boxes.  And a lot of them.  I’ve packed up almost all of my books now and a lot of the decorative stuff.  I’ve also packed most of my clothes.  There were a couple of moments where I stared at my closet for 5 minutes thinking to myself, “should I pack this dress to send with the movers or put it in a suitcase?  Is there a possibility I will need this faux-fur shrug at some point?  I haven’t worn these shoes in a year, but what if I decided I need them two days after I move and my stuff hasn’t been delivered yet.  These decisions I have to make, people, they are taxing.  My life is really, really difficult.

-Realized that despite packing a lot of stuff, it hardly looks like I have made a dent in my collection of crap that I don’t need.  I have, however, made 2 trips to Goodwill and have another pile already forming.  Why do I have 7 beach bags when I hate to go to the beach?

-Cried for a little bit when how much I still have to do actually hit me.  And maybe felt a little sick to my stomach.

-Cursed violently when I saw on the news that a “low pressure system likely to become tropical” is sitting pretty right off the SC coast.  I have moved 3 times since I have been in Charleston.  Twice those moves have coincided with either a tropical storm or a category 1 hurricane.  I do not want this to happen again, but I don’t think my luck will hold.

-Bought a Kitchen Aid stand mixer!  This one, in fact.  Which for some inexplicable reason was on sale for $99 yesterday.  Now that is a damn deal, especially since Pete and I waxed poetically about two weeks ago about how we both wanted one so bad but probably wouldn’t be able to get one because they are very expensive.  I figured this would make a wonderful housewarming gift.  Especially since I get to use it too!  I’m going to be a bread making fool.


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  1. Posted by Sandrita on September 6, 2007 at 10:36 am

    The scoreboard may have said that Auburn won the game but they DEFINITELY did not beat Kansas State.

    And I guess I can send back the mixer I bought for y’all as a house-warming gift…


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