So that is what “lewd conduct” means!

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho):  “I’m not gay, I just like to sexually proposition strange men in airport restrooms. ”

OK, so maybe not an actual quote, but it is close enough.

I love that his response to the arrest was pulling out his business card, which shows that he is a U.S. Senator and asked “What do you think about that?”  Uhhh…I think you’re nastyAnd also, I think your career is OH-VER.

What a damn moron.  What kind of Senator actually thinks he can get away with something like this?   Especially a senator who’s main support base comes from people who are terrified that teh gayz are gonna steel ther babbies!??!!?!?

So, so stupid.  And mon dieu this has entertained me today.  All I can say is keep the sex scandals, bribery, blistering idiocy, and general lack-of-human-feeling coming, because each and every step is bringing that Democratic presidency closer.


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  1. Posted by Ezra on August 29, 2007 at 1:48 pm

    Except that America won’t vote for the democratic candidate who is running away with the nomination. And my inside source says your boy is done with politics.

    Democrats were actually recently asked who they would vote for in a primary, and the majority said Hillary. Then they asked the same democrats if they would vote for Hillary in the real election, and the majority said no. Sounds like a brilliant constituency for us democrats.


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