She just needs 5 minutes…

Freakgirl linked to this horrifying story today and I am so bothered by it.  Pfc. LaVena Johnson, a solider serving in Iraq, was found beaten severely and dead from a gunshot wound in her tent near Balad in July, 2005.  A blood trail was leading to her body, and autopsy report showed that an attempt had been made to set her body on fire.  She had a dislocated shoulder, two front teeth knocked loose, and a busted lip.  There was no conclusive evidence that she even handled the weapon that killed her.  She was 19 years old.

The army ruled her death a suicide, and closed the case.

This case needs to be reopened, and desperately.  Sign the petition, or better yet, write your senator or representative serving on the Armed Services Committee.  This list doesn’t have their e-mail addresses, but if you prefer to contact them that way, just google their names and you can find contacts for their offices.  I just e-mailed my senator, Lindsey Graham, and it took me less than five minutes.  Please don’t let them ignore her death.  This was a vicious crime.  Don’t let it go unpunished.


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