He looked fit, and surprisingly young for 107.

I just saw John McCain.

Like, I was literally about 4 feet away from him as I (slowly) drove by him standing on the sidewalk.  That was unexpected.

I actually thought I was seeing some kind of funeral procession at first, because as I drove down Rutledge Ave., the cars in front of me were stopped to allow a group of about 6 men in dark suits walk towards one of the synagogues (please forgive my supreme lack of knowledge about the Jewish,  just in case I am suggesting some terrible taboo about Jews being buried on Mondays or something.  I don’t know much about the religion, sadly).  I slowed down, like everyone else, then noticed no one was following the 6 men, but that there were a lot of people milling about wearing non-funeralish clothes.  Then I saw the news cameras, then I saw all the McCain signs, then I saw him.

He was posing for photo ops right on the sidewalk under a tree next to the road, and the guy in front of me was hanging out of the car taking a picture with his cell phone.  I (stupidly and frustratingly) didn’t have my camera with me, so I got no proofs, people!  I assume they were having some sort of rally or something.

Now the oddest thing to me wasn’t so much that I saw John McCain standing on the street  but that they were having a McCain rally at a synagogue.  I’m sure there are lots of Jews who are Republicans, but isn’t this going to be seen as some kind of terrible betrayal by most of the Republican party?  Isn’t associating with Jews some kind of unforgivable sin if you are trying to court crazy-religious evangelicals?

Very odd end to my day, that’s for sure.


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  1. Posted by Sandrita on August 14, 2007 at 8:55 am

    So I guess Delta allowed you to get on that flight in Atlanta afterall…don’t forget to write the rage-filled letter.


  2. See, I used to associate “Jewish” with “not Republican” as well, simply because fundie Christian => Republican and Jewish => not fundie Christian. But then I came up here and found that a good number of Conservative and especially Orthodox Jews are surprisingly socially conservative. Like, scarily so. For example, did you see Bill Kristol on Daily Show last night?

    I’m sure that as long as he doesn’t associate with anything non-Judeo-Christian, he won’t do any (more) harm to his campaign.


  3. Posted by Ezra on August 14, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    Yeah, because you rarely see any rich Jewish bankers, doctors, or heads of corporations – you know the main constituents of the republican party.


  4. Posted by wade on August 14, 2007 at 7:33 pm

    No, the fundies Love the Jews, or they see how they ca manipulate them anyway. It’s a weird kind of relationship I think being that the main reason the crazy Evangelicals are so pro Jew is that they can use them to bring about the End Times. It seems like an extra sick bit of usury to me, as they think think Jews are definitely going to hell for killing Jeebus, but they’re a necessary tool(/evil?) because if Israel controls Jerusalem then the stage is set for all that trumpet blowing and 7 seals business in Revelations.


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