Here is where I curse it again!

I know I haven’t updated, but right now I am using up every single ounce of energy I have to keep myself from getting too attached to the idea that this is what my backyard will look like very, very soon:

Because do you see what that is? About 100 yards from my (potential) back yard off of my (potential) deck? That would be a lake. A lake with fish and sandy beaches and nice old ladies who are in love with Pete (or so I hear). Do you know what I love? I love lakes. Especially lakes in New England that don’t have bottoms made out of red clay that get all squooshy and soooo yucky after sitting through a hot summer. Especially lakes that don’t have scary reedy/marshy banks that are chock full o’ snakes!

And I know I’m going to curse it! Because I can’t help but share and be ridiculously excited about this. But I won’t tell you about anything else. I won’t tell you about the fireplace (dammit!) or the cathedral ceilings (DAMMIT!) or the fact that it is blue on one side and covered with those fabulous adorable wooden shingles on the others which is, like, the house I have always imagined in my head (Goddammit!)

Seriously, I can’t talk to y’all anymore.


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