Note to myself:

Dear Taylor,

You have much, much, MUCH more important things to be doing right now than thinking about Harry Potter. STOP IT.

Do you not realize that all of the sudden, you are moving 995 miles in about 2 months? Do you not realize what kind of heroic planning that is going to take? Shouldn’t you be calling moving companies and notifying banks and getting the utilities switched out of your name or whatever magical things need to happen before you pack up your crap and drive 17 hours?

And also, you need to get an oil change. I cannot believe you have forgotten this again. You are a disaster. Your car hates you and will probably blow itself up just to spite you in some horrid, scary backwoods town in the middle of South Carolina where people will leer at you.

And you know how you are going to North Carolina this weekend to see your fabulous Great Aunt and Uncle [Hey guys! I’m going to be out of town this weekend!] and you still don’t quite know how to get to Liberty, N.C.? Maybe you should get on that. Directions are a good thing.

But noooooo, you’re too busy watching the trailer for Order of the Phoenix 9,734 times. You’re too busy contemplating the fact that Harry might DIE. You’re too busy lamenting the fact that the series is almost over and you still don’t have some very, very important questions answered (like how did Hermione know how to get into Diagon Alley the first time? Did someone from the school go with her like Hagrid did with Harry?) (Ok, admittedly my Very Very Important Questions are somewhat…less important, now that I see them in writing.) And you are much MUCH too busy re-reading every single book AGAIN, for the eleventy billionth time now.

You’re priorities are out of place. Stop it.


The very smart, wise voice in your head.


Dear VSW voice in my head,

Suck it!




5 responses to this post.

  1. I love the way you talk to yourself.


  2. Liberty, NC, eh? Spent many summers there. My dad used to live there. Small town. Have fun! There’s not much to do. LOL

    Anyway, 95 North to 87 N – to US 421. Liberty/Ramseur exit right off 421. I could drive that in my sleep.

    So one less thing for you to do. Go enjoy Harry Potter some more. 🙂


  3. Dude, they are turning Harvard Square into “Hogwarts Square” for the book release. Harry and the Potters (a local Boston band) will be playing in Harvard Yard, plus there will be activities set up at lots of the local stores all evening before midnight. See, the soon-to-be-your-people of Boston share in your HP obsession! And guess where I’m going to be that night!?


  4. Posted by Ezra on July 14, 2007 at 2:10 am

    If you are still watching the trailer then you obviously don’t know of the awesomeness that was the best of all five movies.


  5. Thanks for keeping my HP appetite going..

    Where is book one? *looking around room*

    I wonder if I blogged more notes to self, if I’d be more productive? I love that you just tell yourself that you need directions and someone else sends them.. I’m catching on! *giggle*



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