So sad…

Last night, a furniture store burned down in Charleston.

Nine firemen were killed when the building suddenly collapsed.

My roommate was hit pretty hard, as both her father and step-father are retired fire-chiefs.  Her brother is still a firemen, and one of the men who died was his best friend.  Her mother is a 911 dispatcher so she has some of the information that hasn’t been released yet, including that 4 of the firemen who died were members of the station that is 2 blocks away from me.  These were my firemen.   The ones who would have come to save me if my pot-head neighbors ever burned my house down.   I didn’t know any of them, but they have a basketball hoop out in front of the station, and every time I ride my bicycle past, they always wave at me as they play.   Now that place will be dark and sad forever.   I can’t imagine that I’ll see many joyful faces.

They all seemed so young, and so nice.  Leezle told me that one of the men who died had just graduated from the academy last week.  And his wife is 8 months pregnant.   It just breaks my heart into a million pieces.   Their poor families.

And for a furniture store.  A furniture store.  What a damn waste.


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  1. Posted by Elizabeth on June 20, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    Not for a furniture store!! Never for just a furniture store – to save people’s lives in a furniture store or to save their lively hood. Yeah. My dad’s a fire fighter and even here in DC it was hard to hear about something so close to home. My dad was out in Wboro today collecting money for the firefighter’s familes and I plan to send some money.


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