A day in the life of a cat

Boing Boing posted a link to this very interesting site that answers a question I’ve always had:  What do cats do when they wander around?  Where do they go?

We’ve always had cats in my family, for as long as I remember (we had dogs when I was a child, too, so we aren’t participating in prejudice against pets).  We went through a very brief period when I was in 7th grade when we didn’t have a cat, but them my mom had too many bloody mary’s at a yard sale (Why were there bloody mary’s at a yard sale?  Beats me!) and she told some lady that she would let me take one of her kittens that were just born.  Luckily for me, I overheard it and immediately started playing the “Momcanwegopickupthecattoday?!  Momcanwegopickupthecatrightnow!?  Momwhendowegettogopickupthecat?!?”  (except that I wasn’t calling her Mom at that point, I would only call her Mother.  And I said it in the most obnoxious pre-teen way where I conveyed the fact that everything she said was SOOO clueless and uninformed.  You know, like, Muh-Ther, why are you talking to me?  I’m 11 now and I OBBBviously know what is best for me, GAH.)  (Lord help me if I ever have daughters.  I will hate them if they are anything like me.)  It was a good choice, because Mindy turned out to be one of the best cats that we ever had (and she’s still going strong at 13.  Well, strong is a relative term I guess.  She will bite you if you touch her lower back, and you have to pick  her up VERY carefully, but she still has sass, I suppose.).  She has a tremendous amount of personality and charm.  She used to play fetch when she was a kitten, and she would sit on your shoulder in the shower.  And she eats peanuts.

Hi.  Digress much?

Anyway, so we, as a family, like cats.  I LOVE cats.  I think they are amusing and interesting and so cuddly.  And I like how they don’t trail after you all the time desperately needing love and attention like dogs do.  And that you can leave them alone for a weekend and they are fine and don’t poo in your closet or anything.  But then, at night, they will sleep next to you and be all purry and cute and I love that about them, too.

They are really fascinating animals, and I feel like they must have such grand adventures when we let them go wander around.

And now some German guy strapped a camera around his kitty’s neck and sent him off into the world.  And you know what?  I think they do have adventures:

You can see more pictures right here.



2 responses to this post.

  1. …You will be happy to know that last night Mindy was on the back porch watching racoons frolic in the garbage. She sat there, a mere 2 feet away, not moving. She was fascinated by these wild “cats”. A catcam on her would be a boring playback. Top-gun, on the other hand, would be like a James Bond flick.


  2. Posted by BECKY on July 18, 2008 at 2:21 am

    oh i do so love cats too! i have two momma cat and hippy! love them so much


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