Links o’ the day!

Hey guess what the good old USDA is doing for us?  Meat-packers want to be able to test there meat to make sure they aren’t contaminated with things like, oh I don’t know, MAD COW DISEASE, and the government is forbidding it.  It is forbade!  Doesn’t that make you feel better about our government taking care of us?  It sure as hell makes me want to stay away from beef.

A very, very cool video of 500 years of women’s portraits morphing into each other.  This is one of those things that I watch and continuously say “how did they do this!”  Lovely and beautiful.

An interesting look at doctored magazine covers.  It starts off with Andy Roddick, whose arms were increased so much on a cover that when he walked by it in an airport, he stopped dead in his tracks.  Hah!

And for your beautiful pictures for the day:

Hydrangeas, taken by the wonderfully talented photographer Pam in her incredibly beautiful, inspiring garden.  I want to live in her back yard.


Pictures of colored water (which, I know, sounds stupid.  But really, they are unusually pretty)


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  1. Hey – you’ll have to stop by sometime (it’s a mess actually, and I might make you mow grass). Anyway, that variety is ‘Ayesha’ – and it’s really beautiful (Pete’s Herbs out on Johns Island has them). I was in an interesting conversation recently about doctored magazine covers and how many of them are now crossing the line – there was one of Ronald Reagan on the cover of Time within the past year or so, and he had this tear formed in the corner of one eye. Fake. Totally photoshopped in.

    Oh – and I feel the same way about beef these days. It’s all creepy to me.


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