I’m so excited I am hyperventilating!


1.  Tall Ships!  Sails!  Masts!  Sailors!  (seriously, someone give me a paper bag here)  I’ma gonna throw up I’m so excited!  I haven’t actually gotten a chance to go on board yet (because WORK: YOU SUCK!).  But I’m going to go tomorrow morning and climb all over them and drool a little bit.  However!  I have been driving by the docks every chance I get, and it is an absolute wonder that I have not killed any pedestrians yet because of my craning and rubber-necking to try and get a glimpse of the masts.

My roommate, Leezle, is a tour guide on a boat that does harbor tours, so last night I begged a spot on one of her ghost tours and I got to see the boats from the water.  It was amazing and beautiful such a fabulous way to see them.

And yes, I took pictures.  Ninety Eight pictures, in fact,  but I will spare you and only post the really good ones.

But first!  Reason #2 I’m hyperventilating (from excitement):

2.  In exactly 6 days (and counting!) I am going to Massachusetts!  To see Pete!  HOORAY!  This just sort of snuck up on me, despite the fact that the trip has been planned for about a month and a half, but what with work and such, I just hadn’t thought much about it.  BUT NOW IT IS ALMOST HERE.  And I am very excited.  Can you tell?

Ok, Now here are some pictures (just a note, if you want to see more, just click on any of them, and it will direct you to my photobucket account where I’ve loaded all of them.)


The Virginia, with the Pride of Baltimore behind her (which is why it looks like she has extra masts)



Stern of the Pride of Baltimore


The deck of the Spirit of Bermuda (which is brand-spankin’ new, as you can see)


 The beautiful Spirit of South Carolina, which is also brand new


And again, with the Spirit of Bermuda, Pride of Baltimore, and the Virginia in the background


From the water


Pride of Baltimore


The rigging of the Baltimore and the Virginia

And now for the Big Girls…


That’s about 800 ft. of sailboat


From left to right:  The Gloria, Prince William, Tarangini, and Picton Castle


The Picton Castle


The Gloria and the Prince William


If this is what 4 ships looks like, imagine what you would have seen when Charleston Harbor was holding 150-200 ships like these.  It must have been quite astounding.

And one pretty picture of the bridge:


Ok, two:



9 responses to this post.

  1. You just made me hyperventilate! Ships! Sailors! What more could a girl ask for?


  2. Gorgeous!


  3. You sound like me! I got to tour only one ship because of the crowd Sat. morning.


  4. The ships were just beautiful, weren’t they? Your photos are gorgeous! I heard yesterday that there might be an event in the future with several dozen of them – I can’t imagine.


  5. Arrrggh!


  6. These are so beautiful, Taylor! I especially love the one with the sun in the background, and the bridge pics. 🙂


  7. Thank you for sharing photos. And one of the ships has my name! Cool!


  8. It’s always fun when the Tall Ships come here to Boston. You see all these sailor guys from all over the world walking around town.


  9. […] Tall Ships part 2 May 22, 2007 Filed under: Around Charleston, Pictures — Taylor @ 1:41 pm You can see part 1 of the pictures right here […]


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