Bear with me

Hey y’all. Sorry I am AWOL and such. Just a brief (much longer than anticipated) note to let you know what is going on.

I am suh-wamped at work and will be until next week. It’s Annual Meeting Time! Which means that in order to plan and execute our big meeting, I am having 5,000 little meetings with lots and lots of random people in addition to the usual meetings I have around our quarterly meetings. (Hi! Could I use the word “meeting” any more in a paragraph?)

(my historic site is governed by a board, and to make it even more complicated, there are actually TWO boards. One of them has 6 people on it that I usually deal with, but when we get the second one together, which only happens once a year, it is a total of 17 people.)

And, to make it even worse, the board turns over every 2 years, and half the terms are up this go-’round so not only am I dealing with the typical larger board, we also have 9 new people coming in and I have to catch all of them up.

And, AND, it is also time for my annual review, so we’re doing that as well.

And OH MY GOD! Am I still talking about this? Like you care at all about the details of my job? Sorry, y’all. This is the glamorous world of history for you.
So please forgive me for neglecting you. I promise that I am feeling really guilty that I haven’t been entertaining. After next week, I’ll try harder. Maybe I’ll even tell you about the time at my 10th birthday party when my dog attacked a dead snake and managed to douse all of my little-girl friends with snake guts. GOOD times! Happy Birthday to ME!

If it makes you feel any better, nothing interesting has happened to me in the past week. Let’s see, I bought some curtains. And fancy-schmancy good-for-the-environment light-bulbs (and now my house kinda has this weird jailhouse-meets-hospital glow) (BUT! It’s good for the environment, and y’all, did you know they last, like, 8 years? And that each bulb will save you like $30 on your power bill over the life of the bulb? You should probably go out and buy some right now. But when you put them in the bathroom, be prepared to look kinda like a zombie. It’s really alarming at first. What I’m saying is maybe, wherever you put on your makeup, you should probably go with the good old killing-the-environment-and-making-polar-bear-babies-drown light-bulbs. Because I’m only taking this whole “environmentalism” thing so far. I will not be ugly for the good of the planet. Sorry!).

And I am locked in a mortal battle with the environment because I AM NOT READY TO TURN ON THE AIR CONDITIONING but outside it is almost 90 degrees, and I lay around my house in the evenings when I get home from work and SWELTER in the heat. And I know i’m losing, because I don’t like waking up in the middle of the night and feeling sticky. That is yucky.

See? Is any of that exciting?

“NOOOOOOOO!” I hear you all screaming at me.

Oh, there was a battery game on Saturday. We lost. But I had a fabulous corn dog. And there were 3 yellow cards. And I may have found a new favorite player who is from South Africa and looks JUST like Dr. McDreamy (except he doesn’t seem nearly as cheesy and he doesn’t reek of 80’s-starness.) I’m a little loathe to give up my burning love for my favorite play, #4 Tim Karalexis because guess what? He is from Massachusetts! Just like Pete! And even crazier, he is from the very same little town that Pete grew up in! And I don’t mean “Boston” I mean an actual small town. Weeeiiirrd, huh? But this new guy is cuter than Tim Karalexis. But I can’t remember his name.

(Oh, and also! I have a side note that McDreamy reminded me of. About a week ago my friend James sent me a link to this site that has streaming video of 100% complete, commercial free TV shows. And not just shitty episodes of Married With Children or some garbage like that, but good stuff! Grey’s Anatomy! The Colbert Report! 30 Rock! Blackadder! It’s freaking amazing. And probably entirely illegal. But! Grey’s Anatomy! And it’s from England. So maybe that’s how it’s legal? I can’t explain it, y’all, sorry. Here’s the address: http://www.

Wow, y’all. Don’t you just wish that you led a life this grand and amazing? Jules Verne should freaking write a book about my adventures.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sandrita on May 2, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    Hey! On Thursday I got spurred so hard by our rooster, Caligula, that he left a gaping, bleeding hole in my left leg. Now, THAT is adventure!!


  2. Posted by Ezra on May 2, 2007 at 10:23 pm

    Or you could just go to and stream all of the popular shows, including Grey’s Crapatomy, and not fear that it might be illegal. They even have some of the shows from earlier in the season that had enough of a “cult” following to keep them online even though they have already canceled them. Why is it that networks won’t give any show more than a couple weeks before canceling it?


  3. Hilarious – what a great line. You’ll bring the whole environmental movement down with the line ‘I will not look ugly for the good of the planet’! Someone finally got to the real bottomline!! Good luck with all of the meetings.


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