A few things

I’m crazy busy at work this week, so forgive me for the lack of updates.

BUT!  I have 2 things today.

1.  An outstanding time waster!  Vote for Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people of the year!   Now I’m warning you, there are about 200 people on this list and it is really hard to stop voting, so be prepared to get fired from your jobs today.  As of writing this, #1 is Stephen Colbert (yaaaay!) and #204 is Paris Hilton (hahahah, you wretched skank!)

2.  Y’all!  There is life on another planet!!  Well, maybe.  Scientists have discovered a new planet in the Libra constellation that is the first “Earth-like” planet ever.  Mild temps, water, mayhap even a wee bit of life?  Could be.  I’m especially excited about this because I’m a Libra!  This is totally the planet of Tayloropolis.


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