GOOAAAAL!! (except that not really, unfortunately)

Reason # 9,008 that I have the best boyfriend in the world:

About 2 weeks ago I came home to find a big, important looking envelope in my mailbox from the Charleston Battery, our wonderful local minor league soccer team. I was surprised, because it seemed awfully official, and while I go to every game I can, I hardly had reason to expect anything of note from The Battery.

(Though I have to admit, I may have held a little hope in my heart that perhaps my favorite player, #4 Tim Karalexis, who is unspeakably hot and kinda looks like Michael Vartan, had finally realized and understood my unrequited love and was now sending hope in the form of a big, official envelope. Maybe.)

I opened it up and was surprised to find a big Charleston Battery magnet, about 400 schedules, a “guide for season ticket holders” (wait! WHAT?!) and a smaller, even more official envelope that held a ticket to every single home game. And OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT JUST LIKE THAT I was a season ticket holder. Because my boyfriend loves me. And sends me the most incredibly thoughtful, absolutely wonderful surprises in the mail. Ever. Y’all. For real. I have the greatest boyfriend in the history of boyfriends.

(I’ll give you all a moment to let your jealousy subside.)

All better now? Good. Anyway! Last night was the first game of the season, so my roommate Leezle and our favorite, most entertaining friend Mike all went out to watch some soccer, drink some beer, eat some hotdogs, and watch some fireworks and ogle the hot soccer players.

So I have for you a photo essay.

We drank some good beer:

And some not so good beer (because it was on special!) (I’m embarrassed)

And ate some stadium food:

And Leezle bought me a souvenir!

And I was a soccer hooligan:

But there was some wholesomeness, I swear! It’s not always debauchery with me, y’all!

We even did some surgery (because we wanted to know what the special foamy-making thing was inside of the yummy beer can):

With my teeth (this is a lie!):

We were pretty close to the action:

And I mean REALLY close:

Then after the game, we got to go on the field!

And touch hot soccer players! (though his hotness was somewhat diminished by the 5 young, tow-headed children running around him and calling him “Daddy!”

And then there were fireworks! Hurrah!


We really had a fabulous time, even though it was a nil-nil game so we couldn’t celebrate a win (but also! no loss!). If y’all live in Charleston, you should really come out to the games. It is always a wonderful time, even if you don’t like soccer (which Mike doesn’t! And he still had fun!) And hey, if you don’t have anyone to go with, you can come with me! Because I’ll be at all the games! (we sit by the bar, like true soccer fans) (but seriously, you should really come to the games with me) (seriously).


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Andrew on April 21, 2007 at 12:03 pm

    Yay for Football best sport ever. There really is nothing like going to a Football match they are a total blast. Id say Id join you for one but that would involve a like 18 hour drive lol. Huzzah for your bf ruling and getting you season tickets. Though you as a hooligan Im not sure I see that your not violent enough. hahahahahha


  2. What a thoughtful gift! Thanks for sharing photos!


  3. That looks like a lot of fun. I’ve never been to an official soccer game…I really want a beer now too, which is unfortunate timing, ya know, with the fetus and everything.


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