Maybe just a little bit blasphemous

Oh my God, this is funny. My brilliant and witty friend, Marc, who always manages to find the funniest things on the internet sent this along to me.

The Old Testament as told through Lego models.

I thank my stars for the internet on a pretty regular basis. I can’t think of what my life would be like without the convenience of Google and E-Mail. I praise the ability to be able to immediately find a better word without having to drag out my thesaurus (and that I have spell checkers! because I totally just misspelled thesaurus! [oh my god! twice!]). I am so pleased that I don’t have to rely on CNN or, God forbid, Fox “news” when I’m trying to get a sense of the world. But seriously, sometimes I’m just so thankful that there is now an outlet for people to act out the Bible in Legos. Where would we be without this sort of thing?


One response to this post.

  1. Why hasn’t South Park come up with this??? Can’t you just see Cartman as a Lego!!!???


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