Links O’ the Day

Have no fear! The Nun Bun is back! (and how great is Mother Theresa’s comment at the end?)

And, on a semi-related note, Sinbad isn’t dead (despite claims to the contrary).

Holy Mugshot, Batman! This is seriously defying the laws of physics. Someone should write a thesis based on this girl’s hair.

“The witness said the man was intoxicated.” Yeah, no shit! I think people should have to pay an idiot tax if they do something ridiculous like this. How much do you think the Coast Guard had to shell out to save his sorry ass?

Is anyone else totally confused by Pawn Shops? I never understood how they worked or what their actual function was (except to keep those companies that make bars to go over windows in business and give rednecks a place to loiter) until I read this article.


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