I’m oddly bothered by this

You’ve probably heard the news by now, but I just found out that “Scooter” Libby was just found guilty on 4 of the 5 counts he was standing trial for (as if having a nickname like “scooter” wasn’t bad enough).

I have no doubt that Libby is a bad, dishonest man who has done his fair share of covering, lying, and generally skulking about for his bosses. I’m sure he has a lot to answer for, and I have no doubt that he is guilty of every count of perjury and obstruction that he was tried for. I’m glad he wasn’t acquitted, which is what I feared would happen, but I think he’s a scapegoat. I know, just as everyone else does, that he is not the mastermind behind this whole ordeal. I fear that this is going to go away with him, and that the real issue isn’t going to be addressed.

Yes, of course, perjury and all that is wrong, but why aren’t we talking about what all this is springing from? The real crime here is that an undercover CIA operative was compromised. She was exposed for the political punishment of her husband, which put her at an extreme risk and completely destroyed everything she had been working for. And for what? Because an intelligent, reasonable, and knowledgeable man had the courage to stand up against the Bush administration and point out that they were lying? That they were making up false claims that would eventually result in the death of 3000+ American soldiers (and countless civilians)?

I am still shocked and appalled that we are under the leadership of an administration that would do something so childish and selfish. Of all the unscrupulous, ruthless things that have been done by this White House, this is one of the worst to me. This is a true illustration of the amorality of these people, and it shivers me to the core.

So here we have a man going down for perjury? He’s found guilty of lying about information, and yet no one is going down for what amounts to nothing less than an act of treason? This is not right.

Well, at least I got a laugh out of this:

(Via Boing Boing)

Enjoy prison, Scooter!


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