Do it for the children!

Oddly, the most common blogs that I read are parenting blogs. I would say about 80% of the blogs that I read on a daily basis are written by parents, and they almost always are writing about their children. Now I realize that this is completely crazy because:

1. I don’t like children

2. I don’t have children

3. I am not likely to have children any time in the foreseeable future

4. I do not need to commiserate with these parents, or share in their joy of the triumph of pottytraining or whatever it is that they do.

So why do I read these? Because, as much as I dislike kids, they are so fracking funny.

Observe this little song composed by the 4 year-old son who lives at Finslippy (and really, you should go there and read the whole entry. It is brilliant):

I love love you so much
I just can’t handle it
Behold Mommy! You’re the best one ever!
[whispering] but I wish you were a better one

I’ll just let you pause here to wipe the tears off of your face.



Seriously, y’all, kids are funny. Maybe I will have one of those things one day. But only if it is a funny one. Because, if it isn’t, you know where it is going!

(Right here, baby!)

(of course I’m kidding! GAH! That one is only for mixed paper and cardboard!)


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