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-Ever wonder about the oh-so-mysterious “Academy?”  Well, here you go.

This is really unsettling to me.  I get what they are trying to do and all, but it just seems to be in such poor taste (although, truthfully, what do you expect from a bunch of College Republicans?).  Immigration is one of those issues where I’m torn.  I have serious issues with the burdens being put on our government by illegal immigrants, but at the same time, this is America.  You know that whole “give us your tired, your poor?”  I think we still need to stand by that.  I don’t have an answer for the problem, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t encouraging people to go out and “hunt” illegal immigrants.  As far as I’m concerned, they aren’t the bad guys.  If they want to stop illegal immigration, why don’t they go tell their daddys to stop hiring them?


Good Riddance!  I’m ready for that herd to thin out.  As far as I’m  concerned, there are only three candidates.  All those other guys out there running have no business even playing with these three.  It will be a waste of money, time, and energy.  Frankly, though, I wish they’d all just take a damn break and give us a chance to breathe a little bit.  I’m already sick of this wretched election, and it hasn’t even truly started yet.  Then again, I’m just sitting back and waiting for my guy to come in and blow them all away.  When that happens, I’ll be all over it.


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