Alright. I give.

Cold weather, I am your bitch.  Less than 6 hours after I gloated and congratulated myself on conquering the great white north, I was reminded of its ferocity by being smoted with a fierce head cold.   I am humbled.  I have learned my lesson.

By about 6 PM last night I was in a groaning fog, hearing my bones creak evertime I blinked.  I’ve got it all- the achy neck, the tight back, the San Francisco fog in my brain.  I am puffy and snotty and hacky (and breathtaking, let me tell you!).   My voice has taken on that creaky old-lady tone that makes me sound like I’ve got one foot in the grave.  The best side effect has got to be my outrageous lack of balance and motor skills, though.  This morning, after I fumbled with an expired pack of DayQuil and dropped it on my bathroom floor, I bent over to pick it up and fell directly into my bathtub.  But not before I grabbed onto the shower curtain and snatched it down with me, landing in a crumpled heap of plasic, towels, shampoo bottles and misery.  Then I sneezed.

Today has also reminded me why I hate being the boss.  I can’t call in.  All I want to do is lay in bed and sleep.  Thats it.  But, alas, I have spent the day staring out into the raining, morose mess that is Charleston today.  One the bright side, I have drank almost an entire gallon of orange juice since 10 AM this morning.  So at least I have achieved my vitamin C intake quota for the week.


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