Your Mission:

Ok guys, while I’m gone I have something I want you to do. The govt. is releasing another round of $1 coins into circulation. I’m really dissapointed that the previous tries haven’t worked, because I’m a huge fans of the dollar coins. In fact, I’m still hoping to see $5 coins in circulation before I die. Whenever I’m in Europe, I revel in the fact that they have large-denomination coins. It just seems so much easier to me. I cannot stand having dollar bills all over the freaking place (because I’m a stripper? I have no idea why I have so many).

So here’s what you need to do: get your next paycheck cashed in $1 coins. I know what you are thinking “But Taylor, where am I going to get one of those big sacks with the $ sign on it?” Don’t worry about that! Just wear some cargo pants. That way you’ll increase demand for the dollar coins, get a kickin’ workout as you try to walk around with hundreds of coins in your pocket, and you’ll make a pleasing jingle sound as you walk by! Do it for the children!

Also: To the woman in front of me at Staples yesterday who pulled out a ziplock bag and paid in quarters and dimes (Dimes! Are you kidding me?): Next time, get yourself some dollar coins, and I hope you burn in hell.


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  1. Posted by Elizabeth on February 17, 2007 at 10:47 pm

    Ok. I don’t think I’m going to get my next paycheck cashed or coined but your request had intrigued me because I too love large denomination coins (I still blissfully remember my time in the Netherlands – they had two dollar coins!). I was disappointed that Sacagewea didn’t catch on. I will get say thirty dollars of my next paycheck in coin and spread it around. How’s that?


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