And I’m off…

I frantically dashed out of the house today dragging my giant suitcase (I never had any idea that packing two winter coats could take up so much space!) down the stairs, which, naturally, made the dogs downstairs fuh-reak out. I had to do all the last minute things that turn me into a frazzled wreck before I go anywhere, like return a movie to Blockbuster and drop off some books at the library and go by the bank. I usually think I’m a fairly competent, semi-organized person, but then I have to go out of town and I realize that it is all lies. Lies I tell you! I’m a disaster, and I’m ready to admit that to myself. Listen up, internet- I’m a wreck!

I’m off tonight and I’ll be back late Monday. I’ll catch you up then and tell you about the trip I will- inevitably- have to take to the hospital to be treated for frostbite.


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