I don’t even know where to begin with this story. A Tennessee state senator has proposed legislation to issue death certificates to aborted fetuses. Un. Fucking. Believable. First of all, the primary reason he wants to do this is in order to make abortions public record. He trumps it up as a way to track the numbers of abortions being performed. I wish he would grow the balls to come out and say “it’s because I want to intimidate terrified girls into not having an abortion.” This is unconscionable.

Second: FETUSES ARE NOT PEOPLE. A fetus is not live, breathing baby. You can’t issue a death certificate for something that has never been born! Are they also going to start issuing death certificates for miscarriges? Ectopic pregnancies? The egg expelled every month when I have my period? The billions of tiny potential babies wasted every second when the legions of men in the world jack off?

Bills like this are what will cause 15 year old girls to take desperate measures and die bleeding to death on a dirty hotel room floor.


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  1. First time visitor here. Excellent points.

    I don’t necessarily approve of abortion as the PRIMARY form of birth control, but no form is 100%, and the choice should always ultimately be up to the couple, not me, not anyone else, and not a law designed to “shame” the woman into doing what someone else wants.


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