I’m flailing!

Things I have done today:

  • Eaten three (3) bananas. I bought the most perfect bunch of bananas at Harris Teeter 2 days ago. They are magnificent. Bananariffic. I don’t know if you can actually be killed by too much potassium (K) in your system, but if I die mysteriously, someone tell my parents about this. I think I’m going to go eat another one
  • Frantically gathered together my cutest panties, because, you know…
  • Packed most of the stuff I’m taking with me to Boston
  • Unpacked most of that stuff because it didn’t seem right
  • Stood staring into my closet realizing that I hate all my clothes. No, I hate everything. Everything in the world.
  • Re-packed the same damned grey turtleneck that is my fallback “cute, but professionalish” shirt. It has little puffy sleeves that I love. I’m under the impression that these puffy sleeves make me seem refined and that maybe if I wear that, the director of graduate admissions at Boston College (whom I am meeting on Friday) will ignore my atrocious GPA and throw lots of money at me. That prospect made me realize that I don’t actually hate everything, just most things.
  • Listened to a stupid, fat tourist try to explain the pupose of the settlement of Charleston. He was wrong- and smelly-, and he called me “sweetie” and looked at me like, since I was just a silly little girl, I obviously had no concept of Colonialism. It is at times like this that I wish I had my diploma made into throwing stars so that I could exact vengence with my education in a purely physical, bloody way.
  • Crossed my fingers It looks like Boston is just out of the severe weather, so hopefully I won’t have to deal with any terrible delays, but i’m not really optimistic.

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