Links o’ the day

I read this article in Smithsonian and was completely intrigued. It’s about facial prosthetics that developed from the sudden need of WWI. It’s a really fascinating look at medical history. I should warn you, there is a gallery attached of some of the actual recipients with before/after shots. Some of them are a little chill-inducing, but none of them are horrible. (via Boing Boing)

*head explodes*

Alright, I know I’m probably really weird for being interested in this, but you can take “Animal Sex Tours” at various zoos around the country. Who knew? I don’t know if I would necessarily deem it “romantic,” but it would certainly be interesting. And, as a bonus, this article is chock full of people awkardly trying to use sexual terms in non-sexual ways. For example, male pigs have impressive output. hehehehe.

Damn you, weather. Damn Youuuuusss! If this mothereffing storm ruins my trip to boston, I’m going to go up there and whup mother nature’s ass.

And, finally, a long but incredibly well thought out look at the problems with our modern prison systems. Read this. It will be good for you. (Thanks Marc!)


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