President of Cartoon Network quits over ATHF stunt…

President of Cartoon Network quits over ATHF stunt. Hrumph. Ridiculous, I say! If anything, this stunt has catapulted Cartoon Network into the mainstream, and I feel certain that ATHF is going to get a big boost in viewers because of this. Seriously, Boston, I was all excited about getting my master’s degree in you, and living near you, but I’m starting to have second thoughts. I need a city with a sense of humor, not some controlling, jittery place that feels like it has to make an example of every dredlocked “artist” who puts up giant lite-brites.

I have found myself waisting endless hours at the New York Public Library digital gallery of late. There are something like 50,000 images in the collections, in almost every category imaginable. Want some pictures on the palm oil industry? Check. How about 19th century American author Washington Irving (who, by the way, was quite the dish as a young man)? Alright. It’s really quite impressive.

Hey guys, if you are going to get executed at any point in the future, you might want to try and avoid doing it in Gainsville.

This really pissed me off. Look, I realize that strippers aren’t the most glamorous of all donors, but damn! It’s still money that will be put to a worthy cause. And they are probably tapping a group that doesn’t usually donate to cancer research. I could be wrong here, as I don’t usually hang out in strip clubs, but I don’t imagine the hordes of truckers and mouth-breathers that slobber all over these girls as the most philanthropic of demographics.

Web Goddess has her annual Oscar contest up! Vote now, and you could win some glamorous and fabulous sock monkeys! (Thanks Max!)

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