Vice President Gore nominated for a Nobel Peace Pr…

Vice President Gore nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize because of his work on global warming. This is outstanding. I’d love to see him take it home. And then run for President.

In other Global Warming news: Humans Blamed for Climate Change. Well Gahhhhh-leeee, ya’ll. Who’d uh thunk it? The fact that this headline is considered “breaking news” makes me smack myself in the forehead. It makes me flail about in frustration to think that there are still people out there who are surprised by this. *flails* But seriously, I bet those damn cows are having a field day with this.

Senate (finally) OK’s minimum wage bill. It’s about goddamned time. Granted, it comes with all kinds of strings attached, but at least it is someting. I make well over minimum wage, and I’m doing fine, but not good enough to say, afford insurance or anything like that. I am constantly baffled by the thought that there are people out there who make significantly less money than I do, and yet they are raising families and trying to support their children on something so paltry. This has been a long time coming, and it is something that working Americans deserve. It feels good to be in a country run by Democrats.


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