Things HER boyfriend says

I have now had more than one person (two, in fact- hi Mary! Hi Tommy!) comment on the “Things My Boyfriend Says” link that I have up there on the right. I should clarify. Those are not things that my boyfriend (Pete) said, they are things that some other girl’s boyfriend said. I stumbled on that link one day.

While my boyfriend is funny, he isn’t quite so random.

My favorite of those quotes:

(while snuggling)
Her: Who loves you?
Him: Megatron…

Seriously. It’s a funny site. Go there.

There was a link on my google homepage today to a Discovery news story about Narcolepsy helping scientist find a cure for insomnia (here ya go). I didn’t actually read it, because I don’t have insomnia, but it made me think of a random girl I met in college. I think she lived in the dorm with Leslie and I our freshman year, but I’m not sure. Anyway, she had a B-zone pass* and when I asked her why, she said that it was a medical B that she got because she had narcolepsy. Hmmm…OK. Even though she has a condition that causes her to fall alseep at random intervals, it’s ok for her to drive a CAR on the same road that I and all my friends and family drive on. And by car I mean multi-ton death machine on wheels. So that’s fine. But God forbid she has an episode while she’s walking to class and she falls down on the sidewalk. Can’t let her books get scuffed up! So next time you’re out driving around, watch out for narcoleptics. And bears.

*For those of you who didn’t go to Auburn, our parking situation was a nightmare. Undergrad students had to park in C-zone, which essentially meant we had to park in Mongolia. Graduate students parked in B-zone, which was infinitely closer, and to someone who was late every single day seemed like the promised land. People who were really, really lucky could sometimes fanagle “Medical B’s” from their doctors. I can’t tell you how many times I considered throwing myself in front of traffic in the hopes that I would be hurt badly enough to earn the coveted B-zone pass.


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